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Harrison Ford Will Be in 'Anchorman 2'

Before reprising his role as Han Solo for the new Star Wars movie, Harrison Ford will be appearing in a more important sequel: Anchorman 2. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ford has joined the cast as a veteran newscaster in the vein of Tom Brokaw. The Anchorman 2 cast also includes returning stars Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and David Koechner, plus newcomers Kristen Wiig, James Marsden, and John C. Reilly. This will be Harrison Ford's first role in a comedy since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Harrison Ford Sure Seemed Crazy High on Letterman Last Night

Much like Harrison Ford, I too want to ride horses around Manhattan with David Letterman when I'm insanely high. You really have to watch the entirety of Harrison Ford's David Letterman interview to really get the scope of his uncharacteristically spacey, slightly terrified delivery (and to actually see the horses), but the whole experience feels like a reprise of Harrison's Conan interview last year. There are a lot of amazing moments, like when Ford starts his diatribe about only being an Academy-Award nominee or when he disparages the Grand Canyon, but the hands-down best part is when when Ford attempts to set up the Cowboys And [...]

Left Handed Radio: 'I Got Neon Blue, I Got Neon Red"

On this episode: a doctor has no time for whiny patients, Corbin's new therapy goes awry, Rick Freeblehofft is back trackside after his accident, time-sensitive procedures on a spaceship are too elaborate, the police have the tennis ball gun from American Gladiators, a man yearns for sibling during a second date, Harrison Ford's tiny earring, and opera for cretins

Left Handed Radio is written and performed by Adam BozarthDan ChamberlainMatt LittleAnna Rubanova, and Brett White with Sebastian Deken, Riley Soloner, and Sasheer Zamata

See the next Sequel Machine show live: G. I. Joe 3taliation. UCB Theater East, 3rd Street & Avenue A. Thursday, [...]

Harrison Ford Was High as Shit on Conan Last Night

Before Reggie Watts killed it on Conan last night, Harrison Ford showed up in a state that can only be described as being fucked out of his mind. Seriously, have you ever seen someone so clearly on drugs before in your life? There is literally no other explanation for this other than that he's picked up a late-in-life case of Autism. But that seems unlikely, doesn't it? I just wanna know what Han Solo is on here. It seems relaxing.

Harrison Ford's Feud With Chewbacca Blows Up On Kimmel

My heart broke when a disappointingly not-high Harrison Ford and Chewbacca fought on Kimmel last night, though the promise of an Air Force One…2 took the edge off a little bit. "Daniel Craig's my Wookie bitch now," Ford snarled at his former sidekick, in the best promotional plug for Cowboys And Aliens I've heard so far. I guess there are just some things that are unforgivable, like knowing your spouse cheated on you with a gigantic humanoid man-Yorkie. Oh, but those plaintive yowls! Harrison did divorce Mary Marquardt in 1979 after the release of New Hope, though whatever sex act she allegedly performed with Chewie that has her [...]