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This Week In Web Videos: Hipster Thanksgiving

You read this column every week to get your web series and sketch video news (just let me think that even if it’s not true), I know. And I appreciate it. Not only do I enjoy writing for you, but I also hold my responsibility to disseminate Internet funnies near and dear to my heart — This Week In Web Videos is more than a pastime, it’s a labor of love, a goddamn act of valor (again, let me go with this) and that’s why I can’t lie to you…

I had a bit of a scheduling mix up this week and had to hold off running an interview [...]

It's That Episode 5: Adam Lustick/'Hey Dude' – Rainmen

On "It's That Episode," Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to his apartment to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode and a bunch of other crap. Episodes are released every Monday.

Guest Adam Lustick (MTV's Punk'd, Harvard Sailing Team) joins Craig to watch a racially charged episode of Hey Dude called "Rainmen." Adam and Craig talk about Danny Lightfoot's Native American dilemma, Adam reveals his attraction to the character Bradley and other "handsome women," and the episode devolves into a discussion about going bald.

Harvard Sailing Team and the Re-emergence of New York Sketch Comedy

Sketch comedy is on the rise! This article highlights some popular purveyors of the form, from the internet's Harvard Sailing Team to UCB's Stone Cold Fox to Comedy Central's new show Key and Peele. And it details some interesting issues facing sketchmakers: the pressure to be concise, the balance between actors and writers, and the possibility (or impossibility) or audience interaction. But wait! A last-minute twist ending: It doesn't detail any of those interesting issues! This whole post was a comedy sketch! (I am just kidding. It does detail them.)