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Check Out 'The Harvard Crimson's Comedy Issue

Harvard's daily newspaper The Crimson published a new comedy-centric issue of its weekly magazine Fifteen Minutes dedicated to the university's long history with humor, and it's full of great insight from Harvard grads like Spy magazine co-founder Kurt Andersen, former Simpsons showrunner Mike Reiss, television writer/producer Nell Scovell, comedian/author Baratunde Thurston, Office alum B.J. Novak, and more. Here's an excerpt from Mike Reiss's essay "Harvard Comedy (and Other Oxymorons)":

Back in the '70s, Harvard Comedy was considered an oxymoron. Like jumbo shrimp. Or Fox News. (For you legacies, an oxymoron is a contradiction in terms. [For you double legacies, a contradiction is… oh, forget it. You'd [...]

Andy Samberg Gives Harvard's Class Day Speech in a Very Andy Samberg Way

Last year Harvest Harvard had Amy Poehler (below) speak at Class Day and this year they had Andy Samberg. It's not fair. My commencement speaker was some old white dude, I think he was the House Minority Whip but he dressed nothing like Indiana Jones. (Where your hat at Steny Hoyer!?) Nonetheless, Andy Samberg did a great job being Andy Samberg, pulling out all of the Andy Samberg stops. He read that one timeless Yeats poem that sounds identical to Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It", seamlessly (not seamlessly, there were giant seams) worked in his three impressions, and talked all sexy-like to the moms AND dads [...]

Jay Leno Gets Roasted By a Bunch of Cross-Dressing Harvard Students

Jay Leno was awarded the Hasty Pudding Man of the Year award from Harvard's Hasty Pudding Theatricals last Friday in what sounds like a pretty ridiculous ceremony: The awards ceremony began with Nikolus A. Ray ’11 and Matthew E. Whitaker ’12 — co-producers of the Hasty Pudding Theatrical’s current show “Kashmir if you Can,” — roasting Leno on topics ranging from his generally older viewer base to his conflict with Conan C. O’Brien ’85.

“In order to give our man of the year time to rest we considered moving our 8 p.m. show back two hours later,” Whitiker said.

But, Ray said, “We do realize that no one [...]

Mindy Kaling Turns the Tables in Her Anti-Advice Harvard Law Commencement Speech

Thanks to some help from MovingCommencementSpeeches.com, comedy TV star Mindy Kaling delivered an interesting speech to Harvard Law School graduates that's full of sweet Harvard burns ("You won't be able to buy a pickup truck rusty enough to distance yourself from this place"), and near the end, some serious talk about her family's very American Dream past. Considering Kaling is addressing a bunch of nerdy Harvard grads, she knew better than to drown them in a bunch of dramatic advice and instead did some proactive networking for her spectacular future divorce.

When Conan Met Updike

Did Conan O'Brien have a tete-a-tete with John Updike at Harvard in 1984? The evidence says yes.

Norm Macdonald Talks About Working for 'Roseanne' and Comedians Labeled "Crazy" and "Difficult"

Norm Macdonald took to Twitter late last night and delivered a lengthy but enlightening missive about the nature of creativity in comedy, the unfair reputation of comedians who are called "difficult" and "crazy," and his brief stint as a writer for Roseanne from 1992-1993. Here's an excerpt from what Macdonald had to say:

When the show ended, the Harvard boys went to other shows and were paid millions. After all, they had written Roseanne. Sort of. And Roseanne went away. She may have wanted to. I don’t know. But I do know what she was called. 'Difficult.' 'Crazy' even. These are words that are dismissive and can torpedo [...]

Amy Poehler to Deliver Class Day Speech at Harvard

Harvard's Class Day speech, which is a different speech than commencement as those Harvard overachievers think they deserve two different speeches from famous people, generally brings in a funny person to speak. Above, you can see the first part of Will Ferrell's classic speech from 2003. This year? Amy Poehler's been tapped to deliver a speech that will surely be uploaded to YouTube by some overachieving nerd soon after she steps off the stage. What? I'm not bitter! I loved having Tootie from The Facts of Life give my commencement speech.