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Chris Gethard's Promise to Give a Bunch of Autographs Is Ruining His Life

In December, the IFC network's adopted comic Chris Gethard promised to send an autographed headshot with an irrelevant movie quote to anyone who emails him, and he's regretting it now. Here's a follow-up video IFC just released, showing Gethard really sad and defeated as he has to actually write hundreds of movie quotes on his old headshots and send them out to people. Please stop emailing him, it doesn't look like he can take much more.

Stroll Along the Comedy Cellar's Back Wall

New York Times' Jason Zinoman writes beautifully about the wall of signed photos at the back of New York's famed Comedy Cellar. Some comedians signed earnestly. Anthony Jeselnik wrote, “Thank you for being my family.” While others used their signature as a chance to make more jokes. Louis C.K wrote.: “I’m going to hate looking at this picture all the time. Please take it down when I die.” Sarah Silverman did her thing: “Dear Comedy Cellar: I’m pregnant. It’s yours. Love Sarah.”