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The Uneasy Relationship Between Mental Illness and Comedy

I had to take a Xanax to write this article. My anxiety makes it hard to start; my depression and self-doubt make it hard to come to any conclusion. And so, in classic neurotic fashion, I begin with skepticism:

“Are you SERIOUS?" Marc Maron asked me, presumably rhetorically, upon hearing my reason for calling him. I don’t think he was trying to be mean. It seemed like genuine disbelief.

I told him that I was. That I believed — in the face of countless evidence to the contrary — that mental illness was an obstacle to good comedy and not a tool for its deployment. That there exists a [...]

Gallagher's Watermelon-Smashing Days Are Behind Him

Even before suffering another heart attack yesterday (his second in 11 days and third in a year), Gallagher said last week that he's retiring from live performance after 32 years. Sounds like the right move for his health. And a 32-year career is nothing to sneeze at. Unless some little bits of watermelon debris get trapped in your nostrils; then sneezing should be expected.

Gallagher Is Recovering After a Heart Attack This Wednesday

The comedian Gallagher suffered a heart attack on Wednesday night, but he's currently in an induced coma and is expected to recover, according to his manager. Good news!