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Watch Louis C.K. Go Off on a Heckler

You'd think that, what with Louis C.K. being the nation's biggest stand-up and all, that his audiences wouldn't heckle him, but you'd be wrong. Here he is performing as a benefit for P.S. 3 on Staten Island on March 1st at NY City Center, when someone from the audience interrupts him to compliment his boots. C.K.'s responses is as funny and interesting as you'd expect, and hopefully, it will stop people from heckling Louis C.K. forever (but probably not).

Complaining About Any and All Critics of Comedy in 'Heckler'

It’s no secret that sometimes comedy is taken a bit too seriously. Comedy obsessives love not just the jokes, but the mechanics and emotions of the comedy world. There are a raft of comedy documentaries exploring comedy and comedians, but do they really have anything significant to add to the discussion? This series looks at comedy documentaries and whether they’re interesting, insightful, and possibly even…funny?

Heckler had the makings of a brilliant film. Though it’s never fun to be at a show where someone heckles, stories about awful hecklers are always funny, and every comic has at least one good tale about a vicious audience member. Though there are [...]

Eddie Pepitone's Final(?) Heckler Bit on 'Conan' Is His Best One Yet

Eddie Pepitone has been doing his heckler bit on Conan for ages, but this clip from last night's show might be the last one ever and Pepitone's best performance yet. God, I hope this fictional late night character isn't really dead because you know how strictly late night shows stick to continuity. And who knew Pepitone's heckler character was only 22 years old?

Adam Newman Becomes the Second Comedian This Year to Find Cocaine on a Heckler

Earlier this month, L.A.-based stand-up Jake Weisman was heckled during a performance and invited the heckler up, only to have him accidentally drop cocaine on stage in front of the entire audience. A video of the set went viral before mysteriously disappearing from YouTube. Now, NY comedian Adam Newman was heckled in this video and put on his heckler's jacket while he went to the bathroom, only to go through the pockets and find – you guessed it – a bag of cocaine. So, this is a trend now, and I think it's safe to assume at this point that all hecklers are on coke.