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Fox Is Taking 'Dads' Off the Schedule and Putting 'Mindy Project' on a Short Hiatus Early Next Year

Fox announced its midseason schedule yesterday, and Glee will soon be moving to Tuesdays at 8pm, the slot currently occupied by  freshman comedies Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Brooklyn will be moved to The Mindy Project's slot at 9:30 after New Girl, sending Mindy on a two-month break and Dads will be taken off the schedule indefinitely despite the show having recently received a full season order. Mindy will air new episodes through January 28th and will return after Brooklyn finishes its season on April 1st. Brooklyn will take over its new timeslot on February 4th, and Dads' last schedule episode is set for February 11th.

'Community' Is Finally Coming Back February 7th

Community cast member Yvette Nicole Brown announced on Twitter today that the show officially has a return date: February 7th, and even better, it'll be getting its old Thursday 8pm timeslot back. Sure, that means it'll once again be competing with ratings juggernaut The Big Bang Theory, but it'll be nice to see the show in its old home again. Community will be taking the 8pm slot from 30 Rock, which will finish its seven-year run in January. This news comes hot on the heels of Canadian network City TV proclaiming they were premiering the new season next month, only to go back on their word almost [...]

NBC Puts 'Parks and Rec' on Hiatus for Most of the Rest of 2013

After deciding last week that Community will return for its new season on January 2nd and that new comedy Welcome to the Family is canceled, NBC announced today that they'll be putting Parks and Recreation on a little bit of a hiatus. The show will be pre-empted for the next three weeks and won't return until November 14th. On November 14th and 21st, Parks and Rec will air back-to-back new episodes before going on another hiatus until January 9th, when it will (hopefully) return for good.

Over the next three weeks, Parks' 8pm Thursday hour (which is now half-vacant due to Welcome to the Family's cancelation) will be filled by [...]

Joel McHale Says 'Community's Halloween Episode Will Be Awesome in February

Joel McHale was on Jimmy Kimmel last night in an appearance that he booked before Community's sudden hiatus was announced, but he showed up anyway to discuss the little vacation from NBC's schedule the show is taking. Like the timing of this TV appearance, McHale explains that the Community delay is messing up a lot of things planned for the new season, like an original sketch the cast made together that they'll still be tweeting out simultaneously this Friday, and the show's Halloween episode, which Joel McHale promises will be "awesome in February." We're looking forward to Community hopefully taking on Thanksgiving, Taken 2, and Mitt Romney's "binders full of women" comment next [...]

Watch John Oliver Take Over for Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'

Last night was Jon Stewart's final episode of The Daily Show for three months, while he takes his first-ever hiatus from the fake news program to direct his first movie, the geopolitical prison drama Rosewater. Here's his heartfelt goodbye at the end of the episode, which summer fill-in host John Oliver interrupts to measure the set for his new redesign. Oliver takes over Monday.

Check out the rest of Stewart's last Daily Show for a while below, which features him explaining how Rosewater grew out of a terrible situation in which journalist Maziar Bahari was detained and brutally interrogated in an Iranian prison for 118 days as a result [...]