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Thank You For Financing My Diss Track, by Erik Cofer

Mom, Dad, I feel like it's finally time for me to come clean about my latest project. You remember that $20,000 you loaned me six months ago? Well, it wasn't for "paying off gambling debt" like I claimed. The money actually financed a studio-quality recording in which I mercilessly rip the both of you to shreds over sonic layers of flawlessly-mixed hip-hop. In the music community, we call this a "diss track."

Before you rush to judgment, let me just say that this isn't about you. Not entirely, at least. I also recorded diss tracks to my landlord, my former landlords, some guy at Dairy Queen who [...]

Watch Patton Oswalt Visually Interpret a Hip Hop Song

Here's comedian Patton Oswalt in a new video for the hip hop group The Coup. In it, he visually interprets their song, "The Magic Clap," which is a much easier task thanks to the miracle of editing.

Listen to Hannibal Buress's Hip Hop Debut

Over the past few years, Hannibal Buress has risen to the top of the stand-up food chain to become one of the country's most popular comedians, and now, he has his eye set on dominating the hip hop world too. Actually, that's not true, but he did record a silly hip hop song called "Gibberish Rap."  The song was recorded by Buress's friend, producer Tony Trimm, and sees Buress rapping over a beat by Clams Casino. Hit the jump to listen to the track and you can follow along with the lyrics here.

Talking to Joe Mande About His Standup Mixtape, Writing for 'Parks and Rec', and Buying a Million Twitter Followers

Joe Mande always seems one step ahead.

Whether it’s his Twitter stunts, multimedia shows, or stories about attending a live taping of The Mike Huckabee Show really high, the LA-based comedian and writer has a knack for getting out in front of trends.

It makes sense then that Mande’s latest project is a comedy mixtape he’s releasing in place of a traditional album, complete with DJ drops, comedy sketches, and cameos from Amy Poehler, A$AP Yams, Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, Jon Daly, Roy Hibbert, and more. The mixtape, which drops today, is called Bitchface and it's being released on former Das Racist frontman Heem’s record [...]

ItsTheReal Blurs the Line Between Serious Hip Hop and Parody with 'Urbane Outfitters Vol. 1'

Many musicians moonlight with comedic output, and vice versa. From follow-worthy Twitter accounts to viral videos and other projects, Rimshot is a regular column highlighting some of the most interesting crossovers between the worlds of independent music and comedy.

Whether or not they're always intended to bring laughs, the set-up and delivery of hip-hop lyrics often bear a comedic resemblance. Add in larger than life personas, out-there lifestyles and a lifetime supply of cultural tropes, and the world of rap is ripe for humorous endeavours.

New York brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal have made viral videos lovingly lampooning the movement since 2007 at their site http://itsthereal.tumblr.com/ ItsTheReal. Now, they're [...]

Inside the Hip-Hop Comedy of "It’s the Real"

The Village Voice has a lengthy profile on Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, who make up the comedy-rap duo "It's the Real" and run the Hype Men podcast. They've gotten into the habit of making comedy videos with some of the biggest names in hip hop, and have become what appear to be the only guys who are able to make fun of serious rappers to their faces and get away with it.

Joe Mande Is Releasing a Standup Mixtape Later This Week

Standup and Parks and Rec writer Joe Mande is putting out his first comedy album this week. Called Bitchface, it's being released as a mixtape on Friday, March 7th, as the first comedy release from hip hop label Greedhead Music. Mande will also be doing a "mini world tour" at the end of the month to promote the album and a release party in LA next week. Mande, who has also written for Kroll Show, NTSF:SD:SUV, and Delocated, released his first standup special, a Comedy Central Half-Hour, in 2012.

Here's Greedhead founder Himanshu "Heems" Suri talking to Stereogum about the project:

Comics often do put out their standup [...]

Jerry Seinfeld Will Be on Wale's Next Rap Album

Rapper Wale released The Mixtape About Nothing in 2008, a hip-hop album that heavily sampled and referenced Seinfeld and even featured an appearance from Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Now, for his follow-up, Album About Nothing, he's got Jerry Seinfeld himself on board to make an appearance. Seinfeld explains in the below video, "Wale wanted me to do something with him and I didn't understand it, but he did, and I kinda liked the guy, I dug the guy, I liked his music, so I said 'Alright, I'll do it,' even though I didn't know what I was gonna do." No word yet on when the mixtape will be released, but, [...]