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Mae Whitman's Role in 'Independence Day 2' Has Been Recast Because Hollywood Is Awful

Well, here's some gross Hollywood news: Fox is currently working on a sequel to 1996 hit Independence Day, and despite the fact that Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum are reprising their roles, Fox decided they'd rather recast the president's daughter with It Follows and The Guest's Maika Monroe rather than bring back the wonderful Mae Whitman, who played the role in the original film when she was seven years old and has gone on to carve out a successful career with parts in The Last Airbender, Arrested Development, Parenthood, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, recent box office hit The DUFF, and tons more. According to THR, [...]

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to Team Up For Vague New Movie, Maybe

This is how your comedy sausage gets made: after Steve Martin made a cameo during Alec Baldwin's SNL monologue two Saturdays ago, Adam Shankman, who directed the duo when they hosted the Oscars together, thought "hey, those two should make a movie together and I should be involved." And now, that is something that seems like it might happen, with Shankman directing and New Line interested. What would the movie be about? As specific as anyone can get at this point is that it'll be "a bit of Trading Places meets Grumpy Old Men." Haha, OK! Sure, that's almost a movie idea.

So, to recap: the screenplay [...]

Science Confirms the Decline of the Hollywood Comedy

Via Quartz, a recent study on Hollywood films has confirmed the obvious: As more and more non-US moviegoers are accounting for the industry's yearly profits (70% in 2013), comedy — the least translatable movie genre — is on the decline as a result. From the article:

But the emerging world enthusiasm for Hollywood films does not extend to comedies, or at least not relative to its love of action movies and animated films. In China, for example, US comedies account for only 10% of box office spending, compared to 25% in the US … By contrast, Hollywood action films are 44% of the box office in China (the latest [...]

Hollywood Doesn't Want to Make More Comedy Movies

Selling a comedy movie is hard these days! Despite the huge successes of both The Hangover Part II and Bridesmaids this summer, studios are more skittish than ever about greenlighting comedies. This is thanks to a cratering DVD market and the difficulty in marketing comedies overseas. The DVD problem is especially significant, with comedy DVD revenue having tanked 63% from 2006 to 2010, which is much worse than the 39% decline in the overall market. So essentially, Hollywood doesn't want to make any more comedies because high school and college kids now just download and stream comedies instead of buying the DVDs to watch repeatedly.

The Ugly Truth About Comedy and Talent Reps

How often do you think about comedy on a given day? If you’re a reader of this site, chances are that it permeates a sizable chunk of your waking thoughts. Maybe you’re just a fanatic and love following your favorite performers or the general industry news. Perhaps you’re an aspiring comedian/entertainer yourself and enjoy the inspiration your heroes provide. The amount of mental resources we give to comedy may vary from person to person, but the one thing I can assure all of you is that nobody cares less about comedy than a talent agent.

Many come to Hollywood recognizing, but willfully ignoring the cliché that they will be [...]

How Your Comedy Sausage Gets Made

In this weekend's New York Times Magazine, there's a lengthy profile of Peter Principato, manager and discoverer of such people as Jonah Hill, Rob Riggle, David Wain, Will Arnett and Rob Corddry. It's a fascinating look into the deal-making side of the comedy business in Hollywood, including a peek inside a pitch meeting with the three guys from UCB LA improv favorites Convoy.