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Horatio Sanz Talks His Cut 'SNL' Sketches and Characters on 'Late Night'

Here's a clip from Horatio Sanz's visit to last night's Late Night, where he looks back on his old cut SNL sketch "Toy Collectors" with Fred Armisen. Watch another clip from Sanz's interview with Meyers below, where they talk about Sanz's after-after SNL parties ("we started at 3:00 and ended at question mark") and some of his lost characters like "Boombox Barry."

Horatio Sanz Is Consulting on 'SNL Mexico'

Saturday Night Live is expanding to Mexico with casting currently taking place for a Spanish language version of the show called SNL Mexico, and iO Watercooler reports that former SNL castmember Horatio Sanz is in Mexico City working with producers. iO Watercooler reports that Sanz may become a castmember on the show, but Splitsider has confirmed with Sanz's management that he is only serving as a consultant and not as part of the cast.

SNL Mexico is just the latest in a string of international versions of the show made with Lorne Michaels's blessing. Countries like Spain, Italy, Japan, and South Korea have created their [...]

Adam Scott Has Another 'Greatest Event in Television History' with Amy Poehler Out June 6th

Last year, Adam Scott created an 11-minute TV special for Adult Swim called The Greatest Event in Television History, in which he and Jon Hamm recreated the title sequence to the cheesy '80s detective show Simon & Simon, shot for shot. Scott revealed last night on Jimmy Fallon that he has a follow-up special set to premiere on Adult Swim June 6th and that it'll star himself, Amy Poehler, and Horatio Sanz. Scott said they'll be recreating a title sequence from an hour-long show but wouldn't reveal which one, explaining, "I can't say what it is because of very strict rules that I made up."

After [...]

Watch a 10-Year-Old Video About the UCB Theatre and See Zach Woods Look Like He's 13

When I spoke to Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair, there was a lot of discussion of their old UCB days. Here is a clip from an old news story from those days and it's a really fun watch. The highlight has to be the interview with Zach Woods talking about how UCB is such a refuge from high school (HIGH SCHOOL!!!): "I'm not a huge fan of high school but I'm a huge fan of this," from the mouths of babes, literally. There is also a lot of Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz in jean shorts, a crew-cut-possessing Rob Riggle, and Paul Scheer referencing a Palm Pilot. Hop [...]

Horatio Sanz Nabbed the Joseph Kony Interview the World's Been Waiting For

In this exclusive video interview written and directed by Horatio Sanz, worldwide celebrity Joseph Kony speaks out about how it feels to have more Youtube hits than Rebecca Black. For someone so famous, it's a little weird that he's still not verified on Twitter. But he takes it in stride. Haters gonna hate.

'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Has the Most Amazingly Star-Studded Crew

Comedy Bang! Bang! returns again next week with the second half of its season, and host Scott Aukerman thought it was about time we got to meet some of the show's inimitable celebrity crew. Sometimes, show business really is glamorous.

Watch Adam Scott's New 'Greatest Event in Television History' Special with Amy Poehler

Last night, Adult Swim aired Adam Scott's special, The Greatest Event in Television History, his second under that name. The 18-minute special, embedded in its entirety above, is a mockumentary that chronicles Scott's attempts to recreate the opening credits to '80s detective show Hart to Hart with Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz, concluding with the actual full-on shot-for-shot recreation. The mockumentary portion also features appearances from Paul Rust, Paul Scheer (who co-wrote with Scott), David Wain, Nick Kroll, and, of course, host Jeff Probst. The previous Greatest Event in Television History special featured Scott and Jon Hamm recreating the opening credits to Simon & Simon.

Check out Poehler [...]

Check Out Rob Riggle's New Web Series 'Coogan Auto'

The YouTube channel LOUD just released this, the first episode of a new six-part web series called Coogan Auto, written and directed by Rob Riggle. Riggle stars as Jerry Coogan, the head of a wacky auto dealership, with JB Smoove, Horatio Sanz, and Alison Becker playing his employees. Coogan Auto was produced by Ben Silverman's studio Electus and Principato-Young Entertainment, two companies that also produce Yahoo! Screen's web series Sketchy together.  My prediction is that the series ends in a The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard crossover.

A Masked Horatio Sanz and a Bunch of UCBers Fight "Crime"

Horatio Sanz found time outside of busy interviewing Joseph Kony schedule to slap on a mask and create this very funny webseries. He plays Mexican wrestler Espanto who was "sent to help Michael Bloomberg y Presidente Obama with Homeland Security and crime prevention." One of the best parts is imagining Sanz standing in the back of the UCB on Harold Night, pointing to performers and telling his minions, "Bring them to me. They will be in my worldwide web series." Who will put a stop to the evil Horatio Sanz? All kidding aside, it's great for such an established comedian to pay it forward to those coming [...]

Talking to Matt Walsh, Horatio Sanz, and Joe Lo Truglio, the Cast and Crew of the New Movie High Road

Next Tuesday sees the DVD release of High Road, a new improvised comedy written and directed by Matt Walsh. High Road's cast is filled to the brim with comedy heavyweights, including Rob Riggle, Joe Lo Truglio, Lizzy Caplan, Abby Elliott, Zach Woods, and James Pumphrey, with the likes of Ed Helms, Horatio Sanz, Andrew Daly, Curtis Gwinn, and Rich Fulcher making appearances, as well.  If a Guinness Worlds Record official had only made it to the set, Matt Walsh would easily have a "Most Funny People in One Movie" plaque on his wall for High Road right now.

I recently sat down with the cast and crew of the movie [...]

Watch a Short Documentary on Asssscat Starring Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz, and Many More

Todd Bieber just released this great short documentary about Asssscat, the UCB's infamous Sunday night improv show that always brings in the biggest names in comedy to fuck around in front of an audience that, at least for the free 7:30pm show, has been lined up all afternoon to get in. It's a fun look behind the scenes and a peek at what it's like when basically all of your favorite funny people hang out eating pizza together in the UCB green room.

Adam Scott's Next 'Greatest Event in Television History' Will Be 'Hart to Hart' with Amy Poehler

Last October, Parks and Recreation's Adam Scott debuted The Greatest Event in Television History, an Adult Swim special in which he and Jon Hamm recreated shot-for-shot the opening credits sequence to cheesy '80s detective show Simon & Simon. Scott has a second Greatest Event special, which was previously reported to star him, Amy Poehler, and Horatio Sanz, set to air June 6th, and TV Guide reveals today that the new special will see Scott and Poehler recreating the intro to the 1979-1984 series Hart to Hart, in which they'll take on the roles of Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, a millionaire and his wife who become amateur detectives. Horatio [...]

The 'Wreck-It Ralph' Cast Continues to be Fun

We already knew that John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Sarah Silverman, and Jane Lynch were lending their voices to Disney's video games movie Wreck-it Ralph but now more names are coming out. Mindy Kaling will be voicing Taffyta Muttonfudge (haha, of course), Sarah Silverman's nemsis in Sugar Rush, the racing game they're in. Steve the Pirate aka Alan Tudyk will play King Candy, one of the rulers in Sugar Rush. Horatio Sanz and Adam Corolla (whose character probably thinks both Sarah and Mindy's characters are bad drivers) will play Sugar Rush security guards. Also, Rachel Harris, Ed O'Neil, and Dennis Haysbert will be there to add their [...]

Horatio Sanz to Raise a Couple of Twin Girls in a New ABC Pilot

The immensely likable Horatio Sanz has just been cast in a new, as-yet-untitled ABC pilot in which he'll play "the put-upon, wry-humored Jonathan, who’s the stay-at-home dad of 2-year-old twin girls" and the neighbor of the main character, a "a high-powered executive who now faces the biggest challenge of her life when she finds herself unemployed and acting as a full-time mom to her two teenagers." Don't worry, high-powered executive. Sanzy is here to help.