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Watch Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, and Jason Bateman in the 'Horrible Bosses 2' Trailer

Here's the first full-length trailer for the sequel to the 2011 hit Horrible Bosses, which follows Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, and Jason Bateman as they kidnap the son (Chris Pine) of a rich investor played by Christoph Waltz, with appearances by Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Jennifer Aniston. The film premieres in theaters on November 26th.

Not So Fast, People Who Are Excited About Horrible Bosses 2

Contrary to rumor, Horrible Bosses 2 hasn't actually been written yet. "They’ve only pitched it, the writers, and it’s a little bit of misinformation with regards to that as far as it being, everybody knowing about it and being all-in," said Jason Sudeikis. It still seems like this is going to happen, though. Only a matter of time till we're a-boss-killin' again.

Bateman, Day, and Sudeikis Get into More Trouble in the 'Horrible Bosses 2' Trailer

Here's the first trailer for the sequel to 2011's Horrible Bosses featuring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, and Jamie Foxx back as Motherfucker Jones, with Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz joining the sequel as the main trio's new set of enemies. The film hits theaters on November 26th.

Trade Roundup: Horrible Bosses 2, Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson, Kurt Russell

- Horrible Bosses 2 is a thing that is happening. Luckily, it will probably have the original's writers and directors, and the Bateman-Sudeikis-Day trio is expected to star again. Maybe they'll try to kill each other's kids in this one.

- Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, and Christopher Walken may star in Freezing People Is Easy, written by Stranger Than Fiction's Zach Helm, directed by Errol Morris and produced by (among others) Ira Glass. Yeah, that's a whole lot of awesome names. The film is the true story of the "television repairman who tried to pioneer the field of cryogenics by freezing humans." Um, if it's [...]

'Horrible Bosses 2' Will Be a Thing

The three lead actors from the 2011 hit summer comedy Horrible Bosses, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day, all just signed deals to return for a sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The actors were in negotiations to return for over half a year. Director Seth Gordon, who directed the original and also the recent Jason Bateman vehicle Identity Thief, will also be coming back. Jamie Foxx, who played Motherfucker Jones in the first movie, is currently in negotiations to do the sequel, as well. Horrible Bosses grossed $209 million worldwide off a low $35 million budget and was the third highest-grossing comedy domestically behind The [...]