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Watch Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, and Jason Bateman in the 'Horrible Bosses 2' Trailer

Here's the first full-length trailer for the sequel to the 2011 hit Horrible Bosses, which follows Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, and Jason Bateman as they kidnap the son (Chris Pine) of a rich investor played by Christoph Waltz, with appearances by Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Jennifer Aniston. The film premieres in theaters on November 26th.

'Horrible Bosses 2' Will Be a Thing

The three lead actors from the 2011 hit summer comedy Horrible Bosses, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day, all just signed deals to return for a sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The actors were in negotiations to return for over half a year. Director Seth Gordon, who directed the original and also the recent Jason Bateman vehicle Identity Thief, will also be coming back. Jamie Foxx, who played Motherfucker Jones in the first movie, is currently in negotiations to do the sequel, as well. Horrible Bosses grossed $209 million worldwide off a low $35 million budget and was the third highest-grossing comedy domestically behind The [...]

Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis Love The Things They Did In SNL Promos

This week's SNL promos feature Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis complimenting each other on their starring roles in this summer's Horrible Bosses. I hope they bring back the musical characters of "Two Guys Who Love The Things They Did" for a full-length number come Saturday. At least until Charlie takes out someone's eye with that cane.

Other Horrible Bosses, In Order

12. James Karen — Lynch from Wall Street

11. Brian Doyle Murray – Mr. Frank Shirley from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

10. Bill Murray — Frank Cross from Scrooged

9. Zach Grenier — Richard Chesler from Fight Club

8. Dave Koechner — Dan from Waiting

7. John Mahoney — Grant Gubler from Reality Bites

Jason Bateman: The Consummate Straight Man

In addition to proving that Kirstie Alley should be involved in every conversation on the planet for eternity, Jason Bateman's New York Times profile makes a strong argument for Bateman's true calling as ensemble player, best as a supportive straight-man to Charlie Day's wild card or the ravening Bluths. “He’s a great audience barometer. If a character’s going off the rails, it’s funny to check in with Bateman, who’ll be waiting patiently, listening, and know exactly when to drop in the perfect one-liner," says Horrible Bosses' co-star Charlie Day. "I don’t look for Jason Bateman vehicles,” Bateman himself admits. “I played a ton of team sports [...]

Bateman, Day, and Sudeikis Get into More Trouble in the 'Horrible Bosses 2' Trailer

Here's the first trailer for the sequel to 2011's Horrible Bosses featuring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, and Jamie Foxx back as Motherfucker Jones, with Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz joining the sequel as the main trio's new set of enemies. The film hits theaters on November 26th.

Horrible Bosses Director Seth Gordon Joins McCarthy and Bateman in Identity Theft

Throw one more log on the fire of potential dopeness that is Identity Theft, the upcoming comedy in which Melissa McCarthy steals Jason Bateman's identity: Horrible Bosses' Seth Gordon is directing. Crossing my fingers that this means at least one scene where Jason Bateman very politely calls someone "Motherfucker," because I can't speak for anyone else but sometimes I still chuckle over the memory of that Horrible Bosses line to myself. Alone, huddled over the computer like a humpbacked robot. On those cold nights, we do all we can to keep warm thoughts alive.

Fox Buys Pilot Based On This American Life Segment

Someday soon comedy pilots will be based on single excellent tweets, but until then Fox's new show based on a This American Life segment is getting preeeetty close. The multi-camera comedy pitch The Man Upstairs is based on a story from TAL's “Deal of a Lifetime” segment. Told by one of the show's producers Sarah Koenig, the story revolves around her stepsister, who purchased a home with "one catch: the house comes along with the elderly man who owns it." Add another half a man and you basically have the new season of Two And A Half Men.

Kevin Spacey Is a Psychotic Delight in His Horrible Bosses Character Trailer

Just as Jennifer Aniston seems to come into her own playing a dentist/sexual predator, this Kevin Spacey Horrible Bosses trailer further proves that some of our most talented actors only truly blossom when portraying irredeemable assholes. Having seen more of Spacey's slave-driving psycho boss in his character trailer, now all I want to do is watch him ridicule someone about their dead Gam Gam, or accuse them of sleeping with his wife, only to leverage it into another insult. Seriously, the man is a walking smirk. I guess that means it's finally time for me to let go of those K-PAX jokes. Ah, but the produce alone was [...]

Jason Sudeikis Makes Conan's Foot Massage Even More Uncomfortable To Watch Than It Already Was

Big government hand jobs. Awkward interracial foot rubs. The combination of Conan's snow-white Yeti feet and his painful laugh-gasm face. There is no element of Jason Sudeikis' Conan interview that doesn't have me mirroring Andy's increasingly distressed smile. Even when Sudeikis checks under the seat cushion is strange. For what? What's under there? The Horrible Bosses clip was the least dark part of this whole segment.

Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day Are Starring in a Thriller Together

SNL's Jason Sudeikis and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Charlie Day are branching out into a new genre and starring in their first thriller together. THR reports that Sudeikis and Day have signed on for the lead roles in One Night on the Hudson, which follows a jaded veteran cop and his straight-laced rookie partner as they transport a witness from New Jersey to Manhattan while dealing with criminals, corrupt cops, and the Hudson River. Sudeikis and Day have been working with each other a lot lately, having starred in Horrible Bosses, Going the Distance, two episodes of Always Sunny, and one episode of SNL together. [...]

The Movies of 2011: A Raunchy, R-Rated Year for Comedy

Unlike 2010, a year that didn’t give us a whole lot of great comedies, 2011 was a step in the right direction. Since it takes a movie two years to make it from script to theaters, the comedies of 2011 were the movies greenlit in the wake of The Hangover’s unbridled success in 2009. While The Hangover’s monstrous box office gross is directly responsible for the release of its sequel this year, it also caused an influx in raunchy, R-rated comedies, making it seem like these were the only types of comedies that came out in 2011. This recent wave of R-rated comedy began when Wedding Crashers and [...]

Horrible Bosses Review Round-Up: Like 9-To-5, But With Even More Golden Shower Jokes

Adam, don't read this post! Okay,  guys, just let me know if anyone wants to go see Horrible Bosses with me; I'm hoping it'll have some good tips. Good MURDER tips.  The Horrible Bosses reviews are in, and in addition to being mostly positive, many of them are just bulging with the repulsive overuse of the word "naughty." Writes Roger Ebert, "Horrible Bosses is funny and dirty in about that order," adding that "[Kevin] Spacey is superb, but the surprise for many may be Jennifer Aniston. Her career has drifted into such shallows that it's possible to forget how good she was in a film like The [...]

Jason Sudeikis' Uterus Affliction, And Other Hilarious Maladies

I'm going to say about 90% of the recently publicity surrounding Jason Sudeikis and/or Horrible Bosses has to do with Sudeikis' feet, the various diseases they can be used to diagnose (see above) and the touching of said feet, as evidenced by both his Conan's interview and this weekend's Vulture article. Once he pushes past the toe-popping and wincing pain-gasms, Sudeikis ruminates on the parade of assholes and perverts he finds himself portraying as of late. "I’m just going through the commandments, one by one, violating them. In my next movie, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy [out September 2], I teach my buddy to covet his [...]