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What Fans of Abruptly Canceled Shows Talk About

I “Like” a lot of shows on Facebook. Why? I could say it’s because I like having my Feed updated with news reports and interesting links about who’s going to be on this week’s Simpsons episode or about a wood carving of Ron Swanson that I can’t believe hasn’t actually made its way onto Parks and Recreation's official Page yet. But to be honest, the likelier reason is because I’m a narcissist who feels the need to broadcast his Likes onto society — “Hey, look at me world, I love Party Down. I’m cool!”

In other words, I’m a Facebook user. But a “Like” shouldn’t be taken too lightly; [...]

CBS Adds Two New Comedies, Ashton Kutcher To Fall Schedule

I've been saying this for years: CBS needs more Rickety Cricket! The CBS fall schedule is out, and the network is nestling newbie comedy How To Be A Gentleman on Thursdays at 8:30pm, right after The Big Bang Theory. Gentleman stars It's Always Sunny's David Hornsby as Alan, a straight-laced etiquette columnist tempered by his juvenile pal Bert (Kevin Dillon) and sister (24's Mary Lynn Rajskub). There's no mention of Alan being incessantly tea-bagged, but here's hoping. Meanwhile, over at Monday nights at 8:30pm, 2 Broke Girls co-stars Kat Dennings and newbie Beth Behrs as two penniless grads trying to make it happen in New York, [...]

Sh*t My Dad Says Creator Talks Failed Sitcoms and Anxious Writers' Rooms

Peep this essay from Justin Halpern, the creator of Shit My Dad Says (canceled) and writer on How to Be a Gentleman (canceled), for the perspective of someone who's made it from Twitter into the glitzy, glory-filled world of TV writing but hasn't hit on a show with staying power. It paints a good picture of the writers' room on a show everyone knows is going to be cancelled:

“Where does it go in the second act?” one of the senior writers asked, as we were trying to outline the next episode.

“What if in the second act, he turns to the girl he’s with and he’s like, [...]

It's Always Sunny's David Hornsby Is a Comedy Machine

Just a warning before you read David Hornsby's New York Times profile: you're probably going to feel like a huge pile of laziness when you're through with it. “I’m like a decathlete without the body,” Hornsby explains. “I have literally had the thought lately: ‘Geez, I wish I didn’t have to sleep.” Which would free up a lot of free time, considering that Hornsby is currently Rickety Cricket on It's Always Sunny, the star and head writer for CBS' upcoming How to Be a Gentleman, co-creator and voice actor for FX's new show Unsupervised and a voice on Nickelodeon's Fanboy and Chum Cum. Oh, and last week Hornsby [...]