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Howard Stern Warns David Letterman Against Inviting Leno to His Last 'Late Show'

Here's a clip from Howard Stern's visit to last night's Late Show, where he wastes no time interrogating Letterman about the news that Late Show extended an invitation for Jay Leno to be a guest on the big finale next week: "Don't applaud that! Are you serious? Are you out of your mind?" Check out some of Stern's past Letterman appearances here.

Listen to John Oliver and Howard Stern Have a Chat

Here's Howard Stern's interview with John Oliver from earlier today in its entirety, in which the duo discuss Oliver's difficult early days in show business, Ricky Gervais recommending him to The Daily Show, turning down a full-time job on Community to stay on Daily Show, and Last Week Tonight in depth.

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Tina Fey, Howard Stern, Louis C.K., and More Are Doing 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' Season 3

Here's a trailer for the new season of Jerry Seinfeld's web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, that reveals all of the guests doing the show this year: Todd Barry, Louis C.K., Tina Fey, Jay Leno, Patton Oswalt, and Howard Stern. Season 3 starts up January 2nd, with new episodes dropping once a week.

Howard Stern Interviewed Jerry Seinfeld for an Hour and a Half This Morning

Jerry Seinfeld went on Howard Stern's show this morning for a lengthy, wide-ranging interview about all manner of things. From Seinfeld to standup to comedy schools to fame to everything in between, it's well worth diving deep into when you've got a chunk of time to spare.

Howard Stern Calls Reports of Him Replacing Fallon on 'Late Night' an "Insult"

The NY Post reported last week that NBC was grooming Howard Stern to replace Jimmy Fallon on Late Night should Fallon replace Leno on The Tonight Show, but Stern debunked the Post's story this week on his satellite radio show. "First of all, what an insult," Stern began. "Like, all the years of my career. I'm like the biggest guy in radio. I've done film. I've done television … They act like I'm some kind of fucking beginner or something … Maybe if I'm really nice to NBC, they'll let me take over Carson Daly's show at like 2 o'clock in the morning." Stern continued, "I [...]

Conan O'Brien and Howard Stern Talk Depression, Late Night, and 'SNL'

To promote his upcoming Conan special from Cuba, Conan O'Brien stopped by The Howard Stern Show this morning, and the result is a lengthy and fantastic interview that covers O'Brien's entire career, from his first days in college to writing for SNL and The Simpsons all the way to his choice to rebuild his new TBS show Conan rather than continue the bits he made famous during his NBC years. O'Brien also opened up about his struggles with depression — here's a particularly great quote about his early days on NBC late night:

This is an absolute true story: It was the first couple weeks of the Late [...]

Leno Bashing, Partial Nudity, and an Uncomfortable Host: Howard Stern's 11 Most Memorable Appearances on Letterman

For 30 years Howard Stern has been a guest on Letterman's late night show. Whether it was on Late Night or Late Show, Stern’s common topics generally include therapy, sex, Paul Shaffer, and Jay Leno. Stern has been one of Letterman’s most engaging guests; he’s one of the few that overpowers Letterman and becomes the interviewer, usually making the host grimace. Stern is part of the elite group of guests that Letterman clearly likes having on — even if the conversation isn’t always to Letterman’s fondness. Letterman is like Stern's older brother who's disappointed yet always entertained. Stern has made over 20 appearances on Letterman’s shows and continues to be [...]

The Late Night War Nobody Asked For: Howard Stern Destroys Magic Johnson's Late Night Show from Within

Things weren’t looking too good for Magic Johnson in the summer of 1998. The Magic Hour, Johnson’s late night talk show and 20th Century Fox’s answer to the Late Show with David Letterman and, of course, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, was tanking. Four weeks after its premiere, the show, weighed down by strong competition and Magic’s inexperience, couldn’t withstand the critical beating and steadily declining ratings that terrified affiliates. The Magic Hour had to shake things up and it had to do it fast.

The cards were stacked against Magic from the beginning. The former basketball superstar was admittedly robotic on camera and had neither the standup [...]

Howard Stern Gives Jimmy Fallon 'Tonight Show' Advice

"I subscribe to the 'anyone but Jay' philosophy. No offense to you. You know I love you, but if they had replaced Jay with Ahmadinejad over in Iran, I am telling you I wouldn't have cared. Charlie Manson could have taken over The Tonight Show as long as it's not Jay Leno."

-Howard Stern to Jimmy Fallon

'NY Post' Reports NBC Is Grooming Howard Stern to Replace Fallon Once Fallon Replaces Leno

Multiple news outlets have reported over the last few months that NBC is exploring the option of replacing Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon as host of The Tonight Show when Leno's contract runs up in 2014, fueling a lot of speculation as to who will get Fallon's job. According to a piece today in The NY Post, Howard Stern is being "groomed" by NBC to take over Late Night if Fallon gets the Tonight Show job. The Post cites sources close to Stern as saying he's the top contender for the job, but NBC has yet to make an official comment on the Stern/Late Night [...]

Bill Murray Says Bill Hader "Did the Best Work Anyone Ever Did" on 'SNL'

"Well, there's been extraordinary talent, let's get real. I don't want to start listing names because there's too many that I would forget, but between Eddie Murphy and [Dana] Carvey and Mike Myers and Will Ferrell and so forth … I think Bill Hader probably did the best work anyone ever did on that show … It took him a little while to get going, but once he got going it was extraordinary."

Bill Murray gives some high SNL praise for Bill Hader in his interview with Howard Stern from earlier today.

Watch Seinfeld and Howard Stern Argue for 15 Minutes on 'Comedians in Cars'

Jerry Seinfeld debuted the latest episode of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee today with Howard Stern as his guest, and the two spend most of the episode needling each other and busting each other's balls.

11 Shows That Went Head-to-Head With 'SNL' and Lost

Saturday Night Live is an institution that has been considered overrated and underrated since its debut in 1975, always provoking debate, always somewhere on the minds of everyone in the comedy world, and subsequently and most importantly of all, always watched and analyzed every single week. And it seems that from the very beginning, everybody that wasn't NBC knew that they were screwed, and have continually opted to not counter with their own original programming. Fox seems to be the one network that refuses to admit defeat, throwing up their own comedy shows on Saturday nights since 1989, and returning to the weekend late night original programming game with [...]

Talking to Eli Braden About Howard Stern, Parody Music, and Twitter

Comedian Eli Braden has an impressive 58,000 Twitter followers, but that’s nothing compared to the 6 million SiriusXM subscribers who routinely hear his parody songs.

Fans of the Howard Stern Show know Braden (@elibraden) as the comedian/musician who regularly provides the show’s raunchy parody songs introducing Robin Quivers, Stern’s well-endowed news anchor. (Sample “Robin’s Double G’s” sung to the tune of “Up on Cripple Creek.”)

Though Braden’s songs are admittedly lowbrow, the jokes in his popular Twitter feed are often extremely clever and have drawn such fans as “Weird Al” Yankovic and Molly McNearney, Jimmy Kimmel Live’s head writer who gave Braden a tryout writing on the [...]