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The 11 Best 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Characters and Impersonations

And so here we are, the day of the second season premiere of Comedy Bang! Bang!, the television show based on the funny podcast and former live showcase of the same name. Scott Aukerman and company have managed to take the successful, idiosyncratic style of humor from one medium to another, so much so that IFC is trusting them to put twenty new episodes on the air this season, twice as many as last year. But while some of the characters and impersonations have found their way to the small screen, the element of letting the listener's imagination run wild along with the routines, not to mention the much [...]

The Fridge-Sized Steve Agee Documents His Director's Nerdy Replica Movie Props Collection

And that's a tall fridge! You could fit so many everlasting gobstoppers in that fridge or Steve Agee. Though you probs shouldn't because they'd last forever and you'd have a useless refrigerator or Steve Agee. This video was made as part of an indiegogo campaign to help fund a horror comedy starring Agee. In the film, Agee plays a serial killer's fridge, who comes to life when dead bodies' blood gets into the coolant. It's called "Refrigerate-Dead."

James Adomian Writes a Heartfelt Tribute to Huell Howser

Huell Howser, a beloved television personality best known for hosting the travel show California's Gold on California PBS stations, passed away yesterday at the age of 67. Comedian James Adomian, who has been performing an affectionate impression of Howser in his stand-up act and on the podcast and TV versions of Comedy Bang Bang, and he penned a touching tribute to the departed for LA Weekly that's worth the read for James Adomian and Huell Howser fans alike. And here's Adomian playing Howser on Funny or Die last year.

James Adomian Does Huell Howser for Funny or Die

Comedian James Adomian has been doing a super funny impression of constantly-baffled PBS travel show host Huell Howser for years now, most notably on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast and TV show. Now, he's teamed up with Funny or Die to make a series of faux-episodes of Howser's series California's Gold, which are funny whether you're familiar with Huell Howser's work or not.