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Paul Scheer Is Producing a 'Real Housewives' Parody Series for Hulu

Here's the trailer for the Paul Scheer-produced Hulu Originals reality spoof Hotwives of Orlando. Based on Scheer's admitted love for watching Bravo reality shows with his wife, Hotwives stars Casey Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Kristen Schaal, Tymberlee Hill, Andrea Savage, and Danielle Schneider as a gaggle of drunken Floridian reality stars. The show is written by Danielle Schneider and Dannah Phirman, who ran a show called The Realest Real Housewives at UCB LA for years. A premiere date has not been set for Hotwives of Orlando, but you should probably stock up on popcorn and boxed white wine now.

Watch the First Two Episodes of Seth Meyers's Hulu Animated Series 'The Awesomes'

Here's the first episode of The Awesomes, a new animated series that Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker (SNL, Fallon) created for Hulu. The first two episodes of the Lorne Michaels-produced show premiered today on the video site. Meyers voices the lead character, the heir to a once-great league of superheroes, and the rest of the voice cast is made up of Rashida Jones, Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam, Bobby Lee, Ike Barinholtz, Bill Hader, Rachel Dratch, and SNL writers Paula Pell and Emily Spivey. Ten 22-minute episodes will be debuting on Hulu over the next few weeks.

Check out episode two and a trailer for the show below:

Watch Norm Macdonald and Larry King Have a Long Conversation

Norm Macdonald went on Larry King's Hulu interview show Larry King Now recently, and here's the 22-minute appearance in its entirety. The two cover a lot of ground, including why Macdonald doesn't understand Jay Leno hate, writing for Roseanne, why he didn't end up getting the post-Letterman slot after SNL fired him, and, of course, why Larry King finds stand-up "orgasmic."

'The Thick of It': the Most Perfectly Obscene TV Show Ever

If you were to make a chart of British influence upon the United States, a start at around 100 percent on the morning of Lexington and Concord would drift relentlessly towards the bottom right corner over time, except in one regard — television. From American Idol to The Office to Trading Spaces to Prime Suspect to America’s Got Talent to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, our appetite for concepts coined in London remains positively colonial.

As some sort of sop to national pride, these efforts are made over in our own image of course, with new performers, writers, and creators (occasional hold-over viceroys like Simon Cowell and Piers [...]

Hulu To Air New Episodes of 'The Thick of It'

Hulu and the BBC announced today that they're going to work together to produce a much-anticipated fourth season of Armando Iannuci's The Thick of It. The fantastic British political comedy has been off the air since 2009, back when Gordon Brown was still Prime Minster (British politics joke – nailed it). If you aren't familiar, the previous seasons and specials will be up on Hulu on July 29. This move effectively makes Hulu the official destination of hearing cursing in British accents.

Why Is 'The Simpsons' STILL Not Available to Stream Online?

Time called it the the best television show of the 20th century, and Vulture voted it the greatest sitcom ever. It’s the longest-running animated show, sitcom, and scripted primetime TV show in US history. It's won 28 Emmys and last year scored its first Oscar nomination. When its first season was released on DVD, it became the best selling television DVD of all time. At the end of its 25th season, which starts this Sunday on Fox, it will have produced more than 550 episodes.

But look for episodes of The Simpsons online and you’ll come up short. Only the most recent five episodes are available on [...]

Danish Comedy Series 'Klown' Is Coming to Hulu July 16th

Hulu has acquired the US rights to the hit Danish sitcom Klown (or as it's called in whatever country Danish people live, Klovn), and they'll be releasing the whole thing on the streaming service next week. A Curb Your Enthusiasm-inspired series created by and starring Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, Klovn follows a comedian who often gets himself in uncomfortable situations. The show also inspired a movie of the same name in 2010. You can check out the trailer for Hulu's English-translated version of the show above and read our piece about the show here. Hulu will be debuting the entire series, consisting of six seasons and 60 [...]

You Can Now Watch the Final 8 Episodes of 'Don't Trust the B' on Hulu

ABC canceled its critically-acclaimed but low-rated sitcom Don't Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 in January with eight episodes remaining. The unaired final episodes were unavailable until now. ABC has uploaded all the remaining shows to Hulu, including the Don't Trust the B series finale, which finds title character Chloe exploring her bitch origins while James Van Der Beek finds out his dad is not his biological father. If you're a fan of the show, head on over to Hulu now to find out how the DTTBIA23 saga wraps up.

4 Simple Ways (and 1 Slightly Less Simple Way) to Improve 'SNL'

People like to talk shit about SNL and then in turn give advice. SNL has been a perpetual motion machine for 37 years, almost exclusively overseen by one man, Lorne Michaels, and yet people always think they're doing it all wrong. "Stop repeating characters, Lorne." "Everybody hates game show and talk show sketches." "Why isn't my favorite actor/comedian/athlete hosting SNL RIGHT NOW!?" Trust me, Lorne knows all your concerns but as Bill Hader said in our recent interview: "Yeah, he knows that audience better than anybody. He's been doing it longer than any of us, so shut up and listen to him.'" That being said there are some [...]

It's 'Best Friends Forever' Day!!!!

Best Friends Forever is airing two episodes tonight, which is exciting because the more of that show the better and is a bummer because they very likely will be the show's last two episodes. NBC has picked up tons of new sitcoms and has been pretty clear that it doesn't see a future for BFF on the network. But you never know!!!!! The show has developed quite a loyal fanbase, so if the ratings are decent tonight, maybe another network might save it. If you have plans tonight (how dare you!?!?), the episodes are actually online already. So bust out your scoops, homemade or store-bought, and watch the episodes [...]

Seth Meyers's Animated Series 'The Awesomes' Renewed for a Second Season

There are more episodes of Seth Meyers's animated superhero series The Awesomes on the way. Hulu had decided to renew the show for a second season consisting of 10 more episodes, THR reports. Originally developed for MTV, The Awesomes started its 10-episode first season in August. The show, which consistently ranks on Hulu's Top 10 list, was created by Meyers and Mike Shoemaker, who's a producer on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and will produce Meyers's version of Late Night when it starts up in February. The show features the voice talents of Rashida Jones, Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam, Bobby Lee, Ike Barinholtz, Bill Hader, Rachel Dratch, [...]

Watch the Trailer for Seth Meyers's Animated Series 'The Awesomes'

The Awesomes, a new animated web series created by Seth Meyers and former SNL producer Mike Shoemaker, is set to premiere on Hulu August 1st, and the trailer and website just went live today. Produced by Lorne Michaels via his company Broadway Video, the show follows the greatest superhero team in history after all of their best members leave. The main voice cast is made up of Meyers, Rashida Jones, Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam, Bobby Lee, Ike Barinholtz, Bill Hader, Rachel Dratch, and SNL writers Paula Pell and Emily Spivey. Meyers and Shoemaker started developing the show in 2006, sold it to MTV in 2009, jumped to Hulu [...]

The 'SNL' Library Is Coming to Yahoo in September

Yahoo! announced today that they've obtained  rights to the Saturday Night Live archive from 1975 to 2013 and they'll begin streaming sketches from the show's 38-year history in September. All the content currently on Hulu and Netflix, including Netflix's streaming of every episode, will still be available come September under the Yahoo! deal. This is part of a big comedy push Yahoo! is making that also includes offering the excellent original web series Burning Love and First Dates with Toby Harris. Here's the SNL content Yahoo! says they'll be offering:

●        A library of show clips from the 1975/76 – 2012/13 seasons ●        Select SNL musical performances ●        Making-of and behind-the-scenes clips [...]

Hulu Announces Streaming Start Date for New 'The Thick Of It" Season

The fourth season of Armando Iannucci's The Thick Of It will debut in the states on Hulu this Saturday, September 9, immediately following their UK airing on BBC Two. If you want to wait until October 21, you can watch all seven episodes back-to-back. You'd really be in the thick of The Thick Of It.