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Watch a Pastor Flip Out Over a Very Satanic 'Wonder Showzen' Episode

Yesterday a YouTube clip surfaced of a pastor named Daniel Castle raging out over an episode of John Lee and Vernon Chatman's delightfully bizarre children's show spoof Wonder Showzen, which aired on MTV2 from 2005-2006, and it's gloriously entertaining. Considering Christians eat God's body every Sunday, I'm not sure why the concept of Whitey's Gobtastic God Sauce would be so offensive. [via Uproxx]

Real-Life Johnny Bananas Suing Entourage in Douchiest Trial of the Century

An MTV reality "star" by the name of Johnny Bananas is suing the creators of Entourage because they use that name as the title of Johnny Drama's highly improbable animated series, Johnny's Bananas, in the show. Hopefully, the judge will sentence all involved parties to a life sentence on the grounds of come the fuck on.

Yet Again, The Onion Makes a Joke, and Humorless Idiots Complain

This morning, The Onion tweeted this: "BREAKING: Witnesses reporting screams and gunfire heard inside Capitol building." There was no context, no link, and no hashtag. But if you've followed The Onion's Twitter feed for a while, you probably could tell that this was the start of a day-long running joke centered around a couple of articles. They did something similar in May, when they tweeted throughout the day about a gigantic Bin Laden destroying New York and Washington.

And it was made clear within a few minutes, as followup tweets revealed the joke to be about Congress taking schoolchildren hostage. But not before a bunch of people [...]

I Weep For Humanity: Gathering Up the Outraged Responses of People Who Think The Onion Is Real

Want to feel like a smart person? Head on over to the new blog Literally Unbelievable, which gathers up screenshots of people posting links to articles from The Onion on Facebook and expressing outrage/disbelief that something such as "Obama Makes It Through Another Day of Resisting Urge to Launch All US Nuclear Weapons at Once" could be real and can you believe that we've got this thug running our country?! Fair warning: reading this will make you want to bash your head into a brick wall.

Parents I'm Glad Aren't Mine Are Protesting Ben and Jerry's Schweddy Balls

Because there are literally no bigger problems in the world worthy of people's attention, a parents group called One Million Moms (whose 584 Twitter followers lead me to believe their name is a slight exaggeration) is protesting Ben and Jerry's new SNL-inspired ice cream flavor Schweddy Balls. "The vulgar new flavor has turned something as innocent as ice cream into something repulsive," they say in their statement. Meanwhile, this vulgar new parent's group is turning something as innocent as parents into something repulsive.

BREAKING NEWS: Jack Donaghy Is Not an Optimal Boss

An actually serious study by the actually serious company Global Compliance has found that the workplace on 30 Rock has the most ethics violations of any workplace on TV. Nice work, you fucking scientists. Get your Nobel acceptance speeches prepped! The biggest offender? "30 Rock," which averages 11 violations per episode. On one show, Jack (Alec Baldwin) comments that a "chick lawyer" who handles sexual harassment presentations is "asking for it." According to Global Compliance, which is devoted to helping organizations achieve the highest degree of ethical behavior, Jack's remark violates Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Respect in the Workplace.

Jesus Christ.