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Here Are a Bunch of Fake 'SNL' Movie Posters

If you're a fan of fantasizing about SNL movies that never happened, New York cartoonist Dan Meth has drawn up 26 fake SNL movie posters for Buzzfeed, and they're pretty great. Click through to see the posters for three SNL films that actually almost came to fruition, then head over to Buzzfeed to view the rest.

Stefon's Illustrated Guide to New York's Hottest Nightclubs

For the last four years, Stefon Zolesky, created by Bill Hader and John Mulaney, has been every SNL fan's favorite drugged-up club-hopper. Without his New York City party suggestions, we would never know about the glory of Furkles, Jewpids, human bathmats, Teddy Graham people, and Gizblow the Coked-Up Gremlin. Stefon made his first appearance not on Weekend Update, but in a sketch with host Ben Affleck, in which he and Hader played the Zolesky Brothers. Together, the siblings pitched coming-of-age movie ideas…with gay porn angles. A year and a half later on April 24, 2010, Stefon made his first appearance as Weekend Update's city correspondent, and the rest [...]

Quest For A Meme: Trump Trollface

The internet is fueled by topicality. Humor seems to drive the most popular memes and viral content. As a reader, hitting your favorite aggregators everyday, you are bound to see the next Sad Keanu or Scumbag Steve. Those oddball pics are quickly photoshopped or captioned in a game of one upsmanship for all of those skilled enough to participate. Single serving tumblrs pop up every week inviting viewers to see variations on Buscemi Eyes or Socially Awkward Penguin. Universal characters like the FFFFFUUUUUU guy or Forever Alone allow the internet as a collective whole to play along and get a chance to get reblogged. This visual joke telling has [...]

Billy Merritt's Six Types of Improv Students, Illustrated

The following was posted to Billy Merritt's Improv Dance Party Tumblr. It's reprinted here (with illustrations by David Kantrowitz added) with permission.

I’ve been teaching some form of improvisation for 18 years now, and I will keep on teaching as long as I can. I love it, I will not apologize. There was a time that I was worried about the phrase “Those that can’t do, teach” — was that me? Am I condemned to teaching while watching others succeed around me?

Yes and No.

Others will succeed whether I teach or not. I seem to be getting a steady stream of work outside of improv (VO’s, TV, and Model [...]

Meet The League Of Extraordinary 30 Rock Characters

This 30 Rock/League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen mash-up by comic book artist Alex Ross is pretty spot-on, from Liz's optimistic Mina Harker to Jack's broodingly masculine Mr. Hyde to the fact that you can still see somehow see Kenneth's hair despite the fact that he is the Invisible Man. Plus, Frank's little hat!

Dyna Moe's Hipster Animals: Collect Them All, or Whatever

Illustrator Dyna Moe, who you may be familiar with via the series Illustrated Comediennes of the Stand-Up Boom she did for this here website, has a new project: Hipster Animals. It is pretty self-explanatory and also delightful.

Check Out Sam Spratt’s Art Inspired by Donald Glover’s Mixtape ‘Royalty’

Illustrator Sam Spratt did the covert art for Donald Glover/Childish Gambino’s latest mixtape, Royalty, but the project soon grew into a series of 10 Norman Rockwell-esque illustrations about the hip hop world. You know how doing the artwork for a hip hop album goes, sometimes these things just happen. I think we've all found ourselves unexpectedly creating beautiful Rockwell-esque hip hop paintings at one time or another. The 10 pieces in Sam Spratt's collection are available now. You can view the rest of the illustrations after the jump.

Please Enjoy These Beautiful Illustrations of Fantasy Community Couples

Here are those lovely Community couples portraits you ordered, minus Shirley-Annie, and the Shirley-Britta romance that we all know is actually bubbling under the surface. Pierce was left out of the drawings entirely, as illustrator Julieta Colas points out, "As much as I'd love to draw that, I know nobody would wanna see." There are some people, Julieta. There are some.

Charlie Sheen's Winning Made Easy

I spend the majority of my professional life doing graphic design and illustration. I also immersed myself into the NY comedy scene about 10 years ago, doing improv and sketch. A lot my work seems to combine comedy and my visual pursuits. Every week, I try to write my own one-liners or visual blackouts, just to flex the brain muscles.

This week it's impossible to ignore the Charlie Sheen implosion. I figure he might as well start marketing himself in a new direction. His quotables are impossible to ignore and seem to inspire raw Adonis-like power. Every power player needs his own guide to success and fortune. Here's [...]