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Paul F. Tompkins Talks About Being Prank-Called by an Ice-T Impersonator

Last month, comedian Paul F. Tompkins, who frequently plays Ice-T on his podcast and Comedy Bang! Bang!, received a phone call from someone impersonating Ice-T, and the real Ice-T played audio of the conversation on his own podcast. It turns out that Tompkins and the Ice-T impersonator actually had a 25-minute conversation and that it was edited down to five minutes for the podcast.

Here's Tompkins telling Nerdist more about the phone call:

[Ice-T] just launched a podcast, and within a week of his podcast launching, I got an email from my agent saying Ice-T would like to have you as a guest on his [...]

Jay Pharoah Did His Obama Impression for the President

Saturday Night Live's resident Obama impressionist Jay Pharoah got to impersonate the President to his face this week. A source tells The NY Post that Pharoah performed the impression as a surprise at a fundraiser at movie producer Harvey Weinstein's house. "Steve Martin, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel did a skit pretending they worked at the White House, and started questioning if they were getting a directive from the real president," the source says. "Then Jay came in and imitated Obama right in front of him. The president was surprised, then started laughing." What's the point of even imitating a public figure if it's not in a comedy [...]

Elisha Cuthbert Shows Conan More of Her Happy Endings Impressions

I think everyone who saw Elisha Cuthbert's Renee Zellweger impression on Happy Endings the other week wanted to see far, far more of it. And now we can, and it is good. She also busts out a SOLID Ellen Degeneres dancing. Let's go ahead and ask that any and all people working on Happy Endings and Ellen table their other projects and devote themselves entirely to the goal of getting Ellen to guest star on the sitcom and have an Ellen's-dance-moves dance-off with Alex, yeah?

Jay Pharoah Brings His Unused Obama Impression to Letterman

New SNL standout Jay Pharoah was on Letterman last night, and he showed off some more of his impressions, including his Obama. It makes you wonder: how much longer are they going to wait before giving the Obama gig to him on the show? It's only a matter of time, right? I mean, no disrespect to Fred Armisen, who is amazing, but Pharoah clearly is the man for the job.

It's understandable to not want to hand over such a huge impression to a featured player who may not be around for more than a season, but it seems like Pharoah has made a pretty positive impact on the [...]

Check Out Jay Pharoah's Amazing Lil Wayne Impression

Here's Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah doing his excellent Lil Wayne impression on a radio show. Pretty shocking they've only had him play Lil Wayne on SNL once so far.

A Video Guide to Jim Carrey's Early Standup

Before he was cast on In Living Color in 1990, Jim Carrey had been hitting the standup circuit pavement in Canada and the United States for thirteen years. His first time onstage was a not-so-successful appearance at Yuk Yuk's in Toronto at only 15 years old, but thanks to his perseverance and growing repertoire of uncanny celebrity impersonations, Carrey would go on to evolve from Canadian standup to Hollywood funnyman to undisputed comedy/drama crossover superstar. Here's a collection of Carrey's standup work and television appearances from his early years to right before he hit it big with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in 1994.

Wyatt Cenac Has A Terrible Bill Cosby In His Back Pocket

While visiting NPR yesterday to discuss his new comedy album Comedy Person, Wyatt Cenac brushed off rumors that he was singled out as a possible SNL pick to play Barack Obama. "There was a time when they were looking," Cenac says, before revealing, "That's the thing, my Obama impression is terrible. Every impression I do is just a terrible variation on an awful Bill Cosby impression I do." For example, Cenac explains, "You're doing an Australian accent, but it's just Australian Bill Cosby. That's British Bill Cosby. That's Pirate Bill Cosby." Wyatt Cenac then does his Bill Cosby impersonation, which, yeah, sounds exactly like your Bill Cosby impersonation. [...]

This Week in Political Comedy: SNL and the Sheeba-Shabba Dance

"You're just jealous that you weren't on Saturday Night Live." —Christine O'Donnell, who has never been on Saturday Night Live

A good political impression can change our perceptions of a candidate in real life. Ten years ago Dana Carvey went on the talk show circuit and discussed how bad his impressions were. In an appearance with Conan O'Brien, he made fun of his own Ross Perot, trying to demonstrate just how unlike the former presidential candidate it was. To prove his point, he stood up and did an enthusiastic jig while singing "Sheeba-Shabba-Sheeba-Shabba-Sheeba-Shabba," a wordless dance that looked like nothing any political candidate had ever done. The audience [...]

Dana Carvey's Jimmy Fallon Impression Is Pretty Good

Here's a clip of Dana Carvey on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, in which he debuts the Jimmy Fallon impression he's been working on lately at the very end. If that isn't enough for you impression fanatics, Carvey and Fallon also do Paul McCartney, Jay Leno, and Adam Sandler impressions prior to Carvey's Fallon impression and Carvey did his Lorne Michaels impression in the first part of the interview, which you can watch below:

Dana Carvey Bats Our Emotions Around Like a Ball of Yarn

When you're Dana Carvey and you go on Conan immediately after Will Ferrell announces an Anchorman 2 in character, there's really only one thing you can do: announce Wayne's World 3 (complete with tepid, middle-aged schwing) and get us all atwitter for the half second before we realize you're joking, and then win us back with your George Bush Sr. and Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. Who could stay mad at that guy? (Carvey, I mean, not Schwarzenegger. Lots of people could stay mad at him, I bet.)

Meeting Your Own Impersonator: 10 Great SNL Meta-Moments

Some of the greatest moments in Saturday Night Live's history are celebrities coming on the show to confront their SNL doppelgangers. Whether they’re flattered, confused, or even pissed off by a cast member’s impression, nothing is quite as hilariously meta as seeing a star come face-to-face with their impersonator. It also says a lot about the celebrity’s persona and character, how well they react to imitation, and how open they are with being the butt of a joke. Here are ten of those moments.