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Adam McKay Responds to Jim Breuer Saying He Got Him Fired from 'SNL'

Former SNL cast member Jim Breuer went on WTF with Marc Maron last month and claimed he heard from an NBC executive that Adam McKay, who was head writer for the show at the time, "fought adamantly" to have him fired. On this week's improv4humans, McKay told his side of the story to host Matt Besser:

The network made Lorne hire Jim Breuer when we came on. It was when the show's ratings were getting kind of low. So Jim then comes on the show, and Jim's a great guy. I had no problem with Jim whatsoever. Completely cool guy, wrote sketches, [I] put him in sketches. [...]

Listen to Matt Besser Explain How People Constantly Misunderstand "Yes, and"

"'Yes, and' is about agreement. Agreement doesn't necessarily mean you literally say the word yes all the time… In fact you more often probably do say no. Agreement means I'm agreeing with the improviser, not that I'm agreeing with the character… Agreement is I'm agreeing to your premise." – Matt Besser on the latest episode of improv4humans explaining the common misconception over what "yes, and" means. It's part of a well-articulated rant on the subject that shows why he is an improv legend. You can download the episode on iTunes or listen to it here. Start at the 75:45 mark, so you don't have to hear Chris Gore talk [...]

This Week in Comedy Podcasts

Last week the AV Club asked, “Are we nearing comedy podcast overload?” To which the writer not surprisingly asserted we were. I both entirely agree and totally disagree. Sure, there are more well-produced comedy podcasts than one would ever have imagined. The fact that there are many sustainable podcast networks (Earwolf, Nerdist, ACE, etc.) is particularly astounding. There is no shortage of good podcasts but there is a shortage of great podcasts. Just like television or movies or whatever, there is plenty of worthy content out there but the amount that is transcendent is always lacking. The same podcast overabundance argument could have been made six months ago [...]

Matt Besser Launches Longform Improv Podcast on Earwolf

Do you like improv and podcasts? Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to. Do you loooooove improv and podcasts? Then this is fantastic news! UCB founder Matt Besser launched a new podcast on Earwolf today called improv4humans, and it consists of longform improv based on a one-word suggestion from Besser's Twitter followers. This must be what improv was like back in the golden days of radio, when people just listened to the scenes without the visual experience of watching guys in plaid and glasses cut imaginary vegetables. Back when the whole family would gather around the radio to hear FDR give his famous Fireside Monologues to generate [...]

This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Maria Bamford Bonds with 'Tom Leykis', Paul F. Tompkins Analyzes Bond, and More!

The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We're here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and each has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the exceptional, the noteworthy. Each week our crack team of podcast enthusiasts and specialists and especially enthusiastic people will pick their favorites. Also, we'll keep you posted on the offerings from our very own podcast network. We hope to have your ears permanently plugged with the best in aural comedy.

Comedy Bang Bang – Maria Bamford, James Adomian

ROGER: James Adomian and his interpretation of [...]

Betrayal Planned for 'Anchorman 2'

And not just by milk! Adam McKay was on the improv4humans podcast today to do some improv, which is pretty cool in of itself. However, doubly cool is that host Matt Besser was able to squeeze some sweet, sweet Anchorman 2 gossip out of him. Other than revealing that they finished the outline and are just starting to write the thing, he was able to offer up this: "Betrayal from Christina Applegate. Betrayal from Alicia Corningstone." I assume he meant Veronica Corningstone, unless Christina Applegate will also be playing Veronica's twin sister, Alicia. I wonder what the betrayal will be? Maybe she'll get a better job or she'll [...]

This Week in Comedy Podcasts

Did you hear, did you hear? The Oscar nominations came out this week and woof. You call these movies, Hollywood? More like move-these pieces of ssshhhhh out of my face. War Horse!? More like bore horse or snore horse or I roar (booooo) horse. Anyway, podcasts. Podcasts are good nay great. It can be argued (and is currently being argued by me right now with these words) that movies have grown worse because the talent that might have once made cinema is now spread out amongst other media like television and podcasts. Call me crazy but The Help is really only one or two Scott Aukerman punch-ups away [...]

Listen to Matt Besser and Ian Roberts Explain the History, Philosophy, and Economics of UCB

UCB Theatre founders Matt Besser and Ian Roberts did a special episode of Besser's Earwolf podcast improv4humans today, in which they walk listeners through the theater's philosophy and economics. In response to the recent internet hubbub over the theater's practice of not paying stand-ups, Besser and Roberts use the episode as a forum to explain that they use all the money generated by the theater's popular weekend shows to keep the place running during its less-popular free or cheap weekday shows. Check it out here.

This Week in Comedy Podcasts

Last Sunday night, I bet the happiest person in California was Bijou Phillips, who was spoon-fed the perfect theme song for her new podcast about going to the zoo. In a week or two, expect “Zoo Bijou Bijou” to start reverberating in your Dr. Andre “Dre” Young prescribed headphones, before Ms. Philips starts her thirty minutes of riffing on elephants (“What’s the deal with elephants? They’re never supposed to forget but they always smell like they forgot to shower!”). Guys, I’m just kidding like Jason (miss u, Nelly) but remember three days ago when jokes about that song from Mad Men were the only jokes anyone was able to [...]

This Week in Comedy Podcasts

It's all happening now. Comedy Bang! Bang! has been picked up by IFC to become a television program. Pack your bags my fellow pod-people, our beloved artform is hitting the big time (well the relative big time of the very premium, premium cable). Expect a flurry of questions from your nonpod-person friends: “So what is a podcast anyway? Are they on the radio? Who is the man in that nice suit pretending to be Ice-T? What's a Nerdist? What's a Tig Nataro? Am I saying that right, Nah-tah-ro?” It’s the beginning of the end or maybe the end of the beginning. Either way we better start readying ourselves [...]