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Watch Andy Samberg's Independent Spirit Awards Monologue

Andy Samberg hosted the Independent Spirit Awards this weekend, and here's his entire opening monologue, which could really benefit from a 45-minute long musical number about actresses' boobs.

Who Will Join the Campaign for Seth Rogen as Next Year's Oscar Host?

This monologue from the Independent Spirits Award is just the kind of thing the Academy Awards need. Fewer vague gestures of respect towards the history of film; more marveling at Harvey Keitel's enormous bush in Bad Lieutenant. Fewer mirthless, obligatory shout-outs or meanspirited digs; more telling it like it is re: Brett Ratner. More acknowledgment of the inherent weirdness of awards ceremonies. More self-deprecation. More Seth Rogen.

Here's Your First Glimpse of Andy Samberg as an Independent Spirit Awards Host

Andy Samberg is hosting the Independent Spirit Awards on IFC on Saturday, February 23rd, the day before the Oscars. Here's his first promo for the event, which could serve as the basis for a pretty compelling independent film itself. Look for Bear Legs to be up for some prizes at the 2014 Independent Spirit Awards.

Andy Samberg Will Host the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards for IFC

Recent SNL departee Andy Samberg has just been announced as the host of the 2013 Independent Spirits Awards, the awards show that recognizes the best in independent films. The event will be held during the day on Saturday, February 23rd (the day before the Oscars), and will air on IFC at 10pm that evening. This year's most-nominated films at the Spirit Awards are Moonrise Kingdom and Silver Linings Playbook, with five nominations each. This is Andy Samberg's first time hosting a trivial movie awards show since the MTV Movie Awards in 2009.