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Here's a Handy Guide So You Can Pre-Plan Your TV Binge-Watching

Nielsen's TOPTEN put together a list of shows in order of how long it'd take to binge-watch each in its entirety that's pretty useful if you're looking for a new TV addiction. On the comedy side of things, Freaks and Geeks would take you a mere 14 hours to get through in one sitting, while How I Met Your Mother is not so forgiving. Thankfully Arrested Development is a multiple-viewing kind of show, otherwise those 25 hours would be over way too fast. Click through to see the full list.

Comedy Gets Visually Mapped Out, Gives Me a Headache

The comedy world is an incestuous place, with many of the same people working together over and over again on different projects. It often seems like it's a huge Venn diagram of difference scenes, all overlapping each other slightly. If you'd like visual proof of that in a way that's a bit overwhelming and hard to read, Vulture's meticulous Comedy Zeitgeist Map should fit the bill. It's also an example of how hard it is to cram extremely complicated connections into a single image; I'm pretty sure Adam Sandler, one of the most successful comedic filmmakers of the past 30 years, should have more than four connections and not [...]