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The 91 Best Comedies Currently Streaming Online

As Netflix original shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards made splashes at the Golden Globes, it’s easy to forget that Netflix started as a movie delivery service. But Netflix, along with Amazon and Hulu, still offers plenty of great comedy movies and TV shows across a range of sub-genres. We sorted through those absurdly specific categories, stoner-pandering straight-to-streaming movies, and frustrating-looking standup specials to compile the best 91 comedies available for streaming across the three services. (This is a guide just to streaming services, so great shows like Eagleheart and The Eric Andre Show which are both available via their network's [...]

Help 'The Chris Gethard Show' Climb iTunes' Podcast Charts

Last week, comedian Chris Gethard told his fans that if they helped his public access program The Chris Gethard Show become the #1 video comedy podcast on iTunes, he'd host this week's show while doing algebra, listening to "Gangnam Style" on a loop, and being slapped in the face – all with an ice pack down his pants. Gethard's fans achieved that goal in a single day, causing him to up the ante. Gethard has now promised that if the show becomes the #1 overall video podcast, on top of all that other stuff, he'll do the show with his face painted (without looking at how his [...]

Louis C.K. Explains The Motivation Behind Releasing His Special Himself

Louis C.K. explained the reasoning behind his decision to release his new standup special on his website through PayPal, saying that cable channels are unwilling to promote the special if there's nothing in it for them. Netflix and iTunes, on the other hand, require a credit card account in good standing.

…everything in your wallet represents all these contentious relationships with these huge companies. If you want to watch one of my specials on Netflix, they start marketing to you, and you start getting Jeff Dunham ads. You try to read an article about Rwanda and a pop-up comes up for Larry the Cable Guy. "Hey, I [...]