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Here's the Trailer for Jackass 3.5, Coming April 1st

Jackass 3.5 (Exclusive Trailer Premiere) There was plenty of extra footage leftover from Jackass 3D, so MTV is putting out a straight-to-DVD semi-sequel on, naturally, April Fool's Day. Here's the first trailer for it. Yep, looks about right. I'm on board. [via]

Another Jackass Movie Is Probably Coming to Theaters

When they shot Jackass 3D, they shot enough material for a second film, one that, like Jackass 2.5, would head straight to video and the internet. But now that Jackass 3D is making huge money, Paramount might just go ahead and send it to theaters as a true sequel. It's not super surprising, as it would almost definitely make them lots more money. I mean, come on: Part of this footage includes a deleted segment with the man referred to in the film as Will the Farter (for reasons that are self-explanatory) using a blowgun to launch darts at a target on Steve-O‘s face. Steve-O’s response: “How are [...]

Jackass 3.5 Coming to the Internet in Weekly Installments

If you enjoyed the idiotic stunts of Jackass 3D (and really, how could you not?), get ready for even more of em. Footage that didn't make the final cut, along with new footage shot in Europe for this half-sequel, are coming to the internet in installments in March. Later, they'll all be gathered up for a feature-length release on DVD.

Weekly installments of short videos seem like a good format for the Jackass boys, as by minute 80 of the movies even the most enthusiastic of poo-prank aficionados can get a little burned out.

Jackass 3.5 Coming to DVD and Online in January

Looks like the leftover Jackass 3D footage isn't coming to theaters after all, instead being packaged as Jackass 3.5 and coming to DVD and online in January.