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Talking to Jacqueline Novak About Her Debut Standup Album 'Quality Notions'

Jacqueline Novak’s recently-released first album, Quality Notions, is a testament to one New York-based comedian’s ability to run the comedic gamut. She ranges from accusations that the men in the audience are distracted by her feminine figure to an in-depth analysis of proper pizza consumption, from her experiences with poetry to reflections on her imaginary life of as a prostitute, and from sex “the hound’s way” to contemplation on the words of the great Bohemian-Austrian poet/novelist Rainer Maria Rilke.  However, this wide range of topics is made perfectly hysterical by her comically confident character, which is guaranteed to have you laughing at every turn.

I recently [...]

Come to Tonight's Dog & Pony Show Featuring Ali Wong, Jacqueline Novak, Randy Syphax, and Zach Broussard

If you'd like to spend April Fool's Eve enjoying some quality comedy before all the bad jokes and cheap tricks kick in tomorrow, Splitsider's Dog & Pony Show is making its glorious return to UCB East tonight at 8:00pm hosted by Joe Stanton and our own Halle Kiefer, featuring Ali Wong, Jacqueline Novak, Randy Syphax, and Zach Broussard. Head over to the UCB site to reserve your tickets.