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Here's a Trailer for the Jake Johnson/Damon Wayans Jr. Buddy Movie 'Let's Be Cops'

This is the brand new trailer Let's Be Cops, a new movie that comes out August 13th and stars New Girl's Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. as a pair of friends who start pretending to be police officers for fun. Rob Riggle, Keegan-Michael Key, and some tough sorority sisters play supporting roles.

'New Girl's Season Two Was Great, No Thanks to the Parents

New Girl concluded their excellent second season by making one of the world's most awful songs briefly profound.

"Where do we come from? Where do we go?" mumbled Nick Miller in the closing moments of last night's season finale. He was paraphrasing "Cotton Eye Joe," which he justifiably denied enjoying earlier in the episode, betrayed by his involuntary fistpumping. The first question was something that was on the minds of all of the main characters all season long, influencing their decisions as they traversed through the murky, angsty wilderness that is living as a late 20s/early 30s year old with slapstick, pregnant pauses, and a lot of yelling, sometimes [...]

New Girl’s Jake Johnson and/or Steve Carell to Star as a Mobster Playing Against Type

It was announced Friday night that Johnson with director Max Winkler sold a mob comedy (mobedy) pitch to Warner Bros. Carell is onboard to star, produce, and write the film with Rodney Rothman, who wrote the recently announced Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart buddy cop film. Details about the story haven’t been revealed but one would guess that Carell is either going to play a daft yet powerful mob boss or a powerful yet daft police commissioner and Johnson a gruff yet sensitive detective or a sensitive yet gruff mob enforcer – the combinations are endless! (Well, that’s not true, that presents four combinations but I wanted [...]

Dan St. Germain Sells Sitcom Pilot to Fox

It's been a big year for Dan St. Germain. He joined the cast of the relaunched Best Week Ever, taped a half hour special, created an online series for Comedy Central, and now he's sold a pilot to Fox. The Hollywood Reporter reports that St. Germain will write and star in the untitled show, about "a guy who is a complete emotional wreck after he gets dumped, so he decides to move back in with his ex and her current boyfriend to figure out what went wrong and learn how to stop being a man baby when it comes to love." He'll produce the show with Jake Johnson and Max Winkler.

Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson Are Making a Buddy Cop Movie Together

Happy Endings star Damon Wayans Jr. and New Girl star Jake Johnson are teaming up to make a new movie together. Deadline reports that the actors will play the leads in Let's Be Cops, a film that will star them as best friends who impersonate cops for fun but soon find themselves involved with a real mobster. Luke Greenfield (The Girl Next Door) will direct from a script he wrote with his writing partner Nick Thomas. Wayans and Johnson starred together on the pilot for Fox's New Girl, but Wayans's role was recast after the first episode due to his commitment to Happy Endings. It's nice to [...]

If Only the Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer Could Time Travel Us to June 8

I don't know if it's the blend of comedy with a magical element, the combination of Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass and Jake Johnson, or the sweetness that's natural from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine, but I'm totally into this trailer for Safety Not Guaranteed, which comes out on June 8. Safety may not be guaranteed, but hilarity sure will be! (You're physically bent over and out of breath from laughter now, right? Because I think that was my best post ending ever.)

Watch the Trailer for 'Drinking Buddies' Starring Jake Johnson and Anna Kendrick

From writer/director Joe Swanberg (LOL, Hannah Takes the Stairs), Drinking Buddies is a new comedy-drama set to come out August 23rd that stars Anna Kendrick, Jake Johnson, Olivia Wilde, and Ron Livingston. Just stop watching the trailer halfway through if you don't want any major spoilers.

Networks Buy New Comedies from Jake Johnson, Steve Dildarian, and Everyone Else in LA

We're still in the midst of the Big Four networks' development season, in which they're all buying up new pilots to turn into potential shows for fall of 2013, and a flurry of pilots were ordered in the past 24 hours. Yesterday, Fox bought a sitcom called The B Team created by New Girl star Jake Johnson and writer/director Max Winkler. The show follows a group of five guys who form a real-life Avengers, despite none of them having superpowers. Due to being locked down to New Girl, Johnson won't be able to star in the new series, but he will produce, write, and make his directorial [...]

The New 21 Jump Street Trailer Is the Longest Trailer Ever

Four minutes and 43 seconds has got to be brushing up against some records for longest movie trailer ever. But while not all comedies might be able to pull it off, this trailer makes 21 Jump Street look worthwhile even after watching five minutes of its best jokes. It's got all the Rob Riggle touching Jonah Hill's tongue of the original trailer, plus more angry Ice Cube, frustrated school principal Jake Johnson (who could easily be playing his New Girl character who's quit bartending), and Channing Tatum telling science to fuck itself while standing in front of a white board full of the number 4. In other words, [...]