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James Van Der Beek Says He Doesn't "Have the Balls to Do Standup"

"If I had the balls to do standup, I would probably start at a free club somewhere and just fall on my face. You have to fall on your face so many times in order for that to work."

– James Van Der Beek an an interview with THR about how he's been doing more comedy lately via sitcom work on Don't Trust the B—- and Friends with Better Lives and wants to do more.

Butt Talk Causes Fire on 'Conan'

I'm not saying soldiers and cops shouldn't be called heroes but I think the term should be redefined to include men who are able to read plugs in the face of a looming fire. Two things can be learned from this: 1) Conan is a pro, and 2) Talking about his butt causes studios to burst into flames. Little did the kids how close they were in high school when they called him "Fire Crotch." If they only said "Fire Butt," they would've been in the right.

'Party Down's Ryan Hansen and James Van Der Beek Cast in CBS Pilots

Party Down star Ryan Hansen has found a new show. He's been cast in a supporting role in CBS's sitcom pilot based on the 2011 movie Bad Teacher, Deadline reports. Hansen, who's been playing a recurring role on 2 Broke Girls lately, will portray the gym teacher character that Jason Segel originated in the movie. Ari Graynor and David Alan Grier also star as the titular morally-bankrupt teacher and the school's clueless principal, respectively. Still no word on when that Party Down movie's supposed to happen.

Coming off of ABC's Don't Trust the B, James Van Der Beek has landed a role in a CBS sitcom [...]

James Van Der Beek Has the Last Laugh

James Van Der Beek, of Dawson's Creek fame, has become something of an internet punching bag thanks to a great animated gif showing him crying like a little girl, taken from the show. Well, he's now taken control of his destiny with a new website and video on Funny or Die: James Van Der Memes. The video above explains it all, but for the full effect you really need to check out the accompanying website as well.

James Van Der Beek Says 'Don't Trust the B' Has "Basically Been Canceled"

ABC's second-year sitcom Don't Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 has been in trouble ever since the network put it up in a late October premiere on Tuesday nights last fall, paired with Happy Endings up against stiff competition from NBC and Fox's comedy blocks. Now, one of the show's stars, James Van Der Beek says it's pretty much canceled. Van Der Beek wrote on Twitter, "Sad to say ABC has pulled #Apt23 and will not be airing the 8 remaining episodes any time soon. Translation: we've basically been cancelled." ABC will back-to-back new episodes of Happy Endings in Don't Trust the B's slot until handing the hour over to Dancing with [...]