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Bill Murray Tried to Make an Improvised Movie in 1984

Will Harris over at The A.V. Club has a great interview with actress Jami Gertz today. Gertz was one of the stars of Anne Beatts's short-lived, much-loved sitcom Square Pegs, which Beatts's SNL buddy Bill Murray guested on once. In the interview, Gertz reveals that Murray was trying to put together an improvised movie circa 1983/1984 and had recruited her to be part of the cast:

"I did some improv with [Bill Murray] back in Chicago, with Del Close. He really introduced me into the improv world and what improv is all about. In fact, there was a small time there where we were… well, he was trying to get a movie [...]

Trade Roundup: Steve Carell, How I Met Your Mother, Dan Fogelman

Steve Carell is going to guest star on The Simpsons! Next fall, he'll play Fat Tony's accountant Dan Gillick, "who may go from crunching numbers to crunching skulls when he’s put in charge of the mob by Fat Tony while the big boss serves jury duty." Fantastic.

The Three Stooges' Will Sasso will return to How I Met Your Mother as Doug the bartender for the show's New Year's Eve episode. Hopefully his appearance will be a more slapsticky and Stoogelike reincarnation of the fistfight his character started in season four.

ABC's alien comedy pilot by Dan Fogelman has procured a Modern Family director, [...]

Modern Family Recap: "Slow Down Your Neighbors"

Like Parks and Recreation and classic-era Simpsons, Modern Family does a remarkable job of giving its guest stars good roles. Nathan Lane was a mahvelous Pepper, Edward Norton made the world briefly care about Spandau Ballet again, and whoever cast Fred Willard as Phil’s dad deserves some sort of recognition.

Last night’s episode, the first in nearly a month, broke the trend, though. I enjoy James Marsden as an actor (and let’s face it, he’s one handsome man), and he seems very willing to do whatever’s asked of him, but his role as Barry didn’t really seem to have a purpose. Jokes about being spiritual — in this [...]