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Jane Krakowski Joins Tina Fey's NBC Show 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

While Fox has passed on Dead Boss starring Jane Krakowski, Deadline reports that the former 30 Rock star has found a new home with her former NBC friends on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the Tina Fey/Robert Carlock comedy starring Ellie Kemper previously titled Tooken. Krakowski will have a recurring role as "a rich Upper West Side mom who hires Kimmy [Kemper] as a nanny." Much like 30 Rock, the role originally went to another actress for the pilot (Megan Dodds on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmdt; Rachel Dratch on 30 Rock), which was then reshot to include Krakowski in the new role.

Watch Rachel Dratch as Jenna in '30 Rock's Original Unaired Pilot

Back in 2006, when 30 Rock's original pilot was being developed and produced, Tina Fey's longtime SNL and Second City collaborator Rachel Dratch was cast as Jenna DeCarlo, the star of TGS, the show-within-the-show. A second pilot was then commissioned and shot with Jane Krakowski replacing Dratch and the role (and the show) being changed drastically. Now, Popfocal has compiled all of Rachel Dratch's scenes from the original pilot into this video, and it's a pretty astounding to see how different the show was and would have been with Dratch in the role. Don't worry though, Tracy Morgan is still playing Tracy Jordan.

Jane Krakowski Is a Lot Like That Jenna Maroney Lady

Wow, Jane Krakowski is surprisingly similar to her character on 30 Rock. Jenna would also be really upset that her baby isn't clapping for her and excited to be on Broadway. And THRILLED to have Weird Al parody one of her songs, as he'll do later this season. By the way, the interview Jane and Jimmy discuss (in honor of Jim Carrey's 30 Rock appearance this week) is as awesome as it sounds.

David Cross to Play the Dead Boss in Fox's Pilot 'Dead Boss'

David Cross has been cast in a Fox pilot, his first since Arrested Development. Cross will guest star in the pilot Dead Boss as the titular "dead boss," Deadline reports. Based on the British show of the same name created by Sharon Horgan and Holly Walsh, Dead Boss stars 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski as Helen Stephens, an overachieving woman trying to prove she's innocent after being falsely convicted of murdering her narcissistic misogynistic boss, Derek Bridges (Cross). Amy Sedaris, Rachel Dratch, Cedric Yarborough, Justine Lupe, and Ravi Patel play supporting roles. David Cross recently guest starred on Community's second Dungeons & Dragons episode, which airs [...]

The 'Community' Cast, Jane Krakowski Top "Most Wanted Actors/Actresses" for Fall 2013

Michael Ausiello over at TV Line just put out a list of "The 36 Most Wanted Actors and Actresses" for 2013's pilot season, with the networks seeking to cast a lot of familiar faces in new shows. As soon as the big networks finish picking which TV pilots they're greenlighting, they'll start the casting process that kicks off "pilot season" early next year. On Ausiello's list of the most in-demand performers is the cast of Community. While the critically-acclaimed but low-rated NBC series is still on the air and returns for a fourth season in February, its future beyond that season remains uncertain and will largely rest on [...]

Jane Krakowski to Star in Fox Comedy 'Dead Boss'

Jane Krakowski's getting more camera — I mean cam-er-ah — time in the form of a leading role on a new Fox comedy. According to Deadline, the 30 Rock star has signed on for the lead role in Dead Boss, an adaptation of Sharon Horgan and Holly Walsh's BBC3 series. Krakowski will play Horgan's original role Helen Stephens, an overachiever "wrongfully convicted of murdering her boss and forced to rely on her train wreck of a sister to prove her innocence." Production is reportedly moving to New York where Krakowski — who has been a hotly sought-after actor for pilot season this year — is based.

Ok, 10 words: The Cast of 30 Rock Played Charades with Jimmy Fallon

Have you ever played charades? Isn’t it fine? It usually peaks at whenever someone yells out "Baby Fishmouth" and yet goes on for like 45 minutes more. Watching professional funny people play charades is a different story, however, as it is the best. The teams were Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan, and Jane Krakowski vs. Tina Fey, Jack McBrayer, and Alec (Alex? Alec? Alex? Alec.) Baldwin. One team was good at it and one team was not, can you guess which? What I'm trying to say is, Tina, please come to my next dinner party, we'll play charades and I'll make a ham. Speaking of ham, let's eat breakfast whilst watching [...]