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Jerry, George, and Newman Have 'Seinfeld' Reunion in Super Bowl Ad

It turns out that Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander's visit to Tom's Restaurant a few weeks ago was not a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode or a Super Bowl commercial — it was a both. In the ad, Jerry and George squabble over the point of the mumble and George's not so great reputation as a Super Bowl party guest, then get interrupted by the one and only Newman. You can watch the full Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode with Jerry and Jason in character over on the Crackle website.

Watch Conan O'Brien's 'Late Night' Audition from 1993

Here's a short snippet from Conan O'Brien's audition to be the host of NBC's Late Night, which O'Brien's website Team Coco released this week to commemorate the 20th anniversary of said audition. Then a writer for The Simpsons, O'Brien was asked to do an off-air trial show with a live studio audience. His guests were Mimi Rodgers and Jason Alexander, and he ended the show with a classy, humble goodbye: "That's the end of my mock show. If that's all I ever get, it was a lot of fun. I had a good time. Thank you very much."

Jason Alexander Offers Up a Particularly Thoughtful Apology for Anti-Gay Comment

Last week, on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Jason Alexander joked that cricket was "a bit gay." This caused a bit of a stir and didn't really make any sense because sports, regardless of their often personifications, are not living things that have sexual preferences. What is most compelling about this story is instead of rushing to offer some quick apology, Jason actually thought about his actions. He could have easily had his publicist issue a statement yet he chose to write a very long and thoughtful "message of amends." Read the whole thing below:

Jerry Seinfeld Confirms a 'Seinfeld' Reunion Is Happening "Very, Very Soon"

So it's not a Super Bowl commercial, it's not a Broadway play, and it's not a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode, but whatever Jerry Seinfeld was up to with Jason Alexander and Larry David two weeks ago was definitely a Seinfeld reunion-related affair. According to Variety, Seinfeld confirmed the reunion on the "Boomer & Carton" radio show this morning but wasn't budging on the details, except for describing the project as "short-ish form" and a "one-and-done" thing involving Larry David and his former Seinfeld cast mates that will be available somewhere sometime "very, very soon." It seems safe to assume that the reunion will in fact [...]

'Community' Is Doing a Puppet Episode

The Community cast appeared at a panel in Los Angeles last night to talk about the show, and they revealed that there's an upcoming theme episode of the show that involves all of them being played by puppets. A premiere date for the puppet episode hasn't been announced yet, but it'll be sometime in April or May. The episode's plot involves the gang taking a ride in a hot air balloon that crashes in the woods, where they meet a friendly mountain man played by Jason Alexander. Dean Pelton encourages the Greendale 7 (plus Chang) to talk about the accident by using puppets, which spurs on the [...]

Jason Alexander Beseeches You to Donate to the Netflix Relief Fund

Did you guys hear that Netflix raised the price for its streaming/DVD combo package by a few dollars a month? A few dollars a month! You animals! Luckily, Jason Alexander has decided to be the face for the Netflix Relief Fund, which will help upper-middle-class white people afford the entertainment they need so desperately.

Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Larry David Were Filming Something at the Restaurant from 'Seinfeld' This Week

Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, and Jason Alexander were all spotted at Tom's Restaurant, the Manhattan diner used frequently as "Monk's Café" on their sitcom Seinfeld, on Monday. NY Daily News reports that cameras were shooting them inside and outside the restaurant and that production workers said the three were working on a Super Bowl commercial. There's no word on who the commercial is for or if Michael Richards or Julia Louis-Dreyfus are involved, but I guess we'll all see on Super Bowl Sunday.

During a Reddit AMA last week, Jerry Seinfeld teased people, saying that he and Larry David "wrote this script for this thing that you will eventually [...]

Jason Alexander Is Playing a Mysterious Role on 'Community'

Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander will be playing an unknown role in an upcoming episode of Community. Alexander revealed his guest role via Twitter, writing "Filming a crazy episode of COMMUNITY this week. Can't say much about it but it's a fun one." Alexander's episode airs in late spring, and Community returns to NBC February 7th. That tweet is all the info we have on Alexander's guest spot, but blogs like Zap2It have begun speculating that he'll be replacing recently-departed Chevy Chase as a gag for one episode, which actually sounds pretty plausible for Community. Jason Alexander, like Chase, is a beloved comedy veteran so there are a lot of similarities there, [...]

Jason Alexander Says He'll Fall On His Sword, Become Charlie Sheen

Sometimes there's a man. In order to give the masses what they want, Jason Alexander has agreed to become Charlie Sheen. In a proposition posted to Twitter, Alexander says he will "merely assume the unfinished contract of Mr. Sheen, himself," a role for which he will gladly "commence using cocaine," "fornicate with as many adult film actresses as I can afford," and commit assaults in four and five star hotels."  Alexander adds, "I do this, not for my own joy, but for the benefit of the millions of people who …STILL DON'T SEEM TO HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF FUCKING CHARLIE SHEEN!" Some say there's a man. I won't say [...]