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Seth Meyers Helpfully Teaches Jeb Bush How to Respond to Softball Questions

On last night's Late Night, Seth took the time to talk to presidential candidate/brother Jeb Bush in a segment called Softball Practice, in which he gave some pretty clear instructions on how to avoid putting his foot into his mouth over and over again. We'll see if Jeb follows his advice!

'SNL' Review: Seth Rogen Half-Baked

While watching Seth Rogen host SNL for the third time last weekend, I was reminded of two other three-peat hosts from earlier this season: Paul Rudd in December and Jonah Hill in January. Rudd's episode felt like extended promo for Anchorman 2, with the host failing to capture that lightning in the bottle with cast members that made his previous stints so memorable. Hill, however, seemed to enjoy himself every bit as much as he did his first two appearances.

Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Jonah Hill are, of course, hugely successful alumni from Team Judd Apatow, but their careers have taken diverging trajectories. Rogen and Rudd have [...]