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'THR' Explains Why Jokes Aren't Always Covered by the Copyright Act

THR ran an interesting guest column over the weekend called "Why It's So Hard to Get the Law to Protect a Good Joke" that explores intellectual rights and the Copyright Act in the context of joke theft accusations between comedians, pointing out the craft of comedy as some of the most difficult material to protect due to its always-evolving nature. From the article:

Although comedians may start with a written work — a script — the performance of the work rarely occurs without deviation. As a result, copyright may not issue because the work of authorship is not "fixed" in the manner necessary to establish a basis for [...]

Jeff Foxworthy Reinvents Himself With a Move to Williamsburg

Sure, making fun of hipsters may be getting a little worn out, but when you make a character called Hipster Foxworthy, in which Jeff Foxworthy has moved to Williamsburg? You get a pass. This one's from Bobby Chicago, the sketch group that's sent not one but two writers to SNL: Christine Nangle and brand-new hire Pete Schultz.

Relive the 1993 Efforts of Sandler, Leary, Foxworthy, and The Jerky Boys

"The comedy album lives, and all it took was a bunch of rednecks, assholes, jerks, and buffoons to save it."

- As part of The A.V. Club's 1993 Week, Sean O'Neal looks back at four hit comedy albums from 20 years ago that brought comedy albums back to the mainstream.

The 'Blue Collar' Comedy Guys Are Opening a $200 Million Theme Park

Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy are opening a theme park. THR reports that the Blue Collar guys are preparing to open a 500-acre theme park called Blue Collar Country in Foley, Alabama. The theme park is set to "hotels, retail, an RV resort, rides, a 100,000-square-foot events center (for concerts, sporting events and conventions) and restaurants including a Foxworthy-themed steak house, an Engvall fish spot and a Larry the Cable Guy rib joint." The plan is to open the thing in the next two to three years and, if it's successful to expand to up to six locations. Now, comedy nerds finally have something [...]