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Talking to Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich About Earwolf's New TV Production Arm

Big news in the comedy world went down yesterday when cable network IFC announced that they have a new first-look deal with the comedy podcast network Earwolf, host to popular shows like How Did This Get Made?, Sklarbro CountryWho Charted?, and Comedy Bang Bang, which has already served as the basis for the popular IFC show of the same name. Earwolf's first TV project is a show they're developing at IFC called The Embassy that stars Comedy Bang Bang fan favorite James Adomian (who'll be playing multiple roles) as a hacktivist seeking asylum in the Washington, D.C. embassy of a fictional country called Costa Verde.

I talked to Earwolf [...]

Earwolf Is Launching a TV Production Company

Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich's podcast network Earwolf is branching out into TV. Ullrich revealed today in a piece he wrote on the future of podcasting for All Things D that Earwolf, which produces popular shows like Comedy Bang Bang, How Did This Get Made?, and Sklarbro Country, has started a TV production and development company. Not only that, but Earwolf has sold its first script (Ullrich doesn't mention what the project is or to whom it was sold) and is signing a first-look deal with an unspecified cable network. This is huge news for the podcasting industry, as Earwolf is the first podcast network to start up a [...]

Talking About the Comedy Podcast Explosion with Earwolf's Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich

These days, it seems like every comedian out there has their own podcast. Through the melee for listeners’ ears, the founders of the Earwolf network, Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich, have emerged as the one’s leading the charge to progress the art form.

After getting his start at Mr. Show, Scott’s credits include co-creating both the deservedly lauded Between Two Ferns and the renowned alt-comedy showcase Comedy Death-Ray (CDR), which in 2009 he built upon to create Comedy Death-Ray Radio. In 2010, Jeff, a former finance-guy and business manager, came to Scott with a vision, and together they started the Earwolf Network with CDR Radio as the cornerstone.

In [...]