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Black Ops: 'Post-Racial' Comedy in the Age of Obama

In 2010, former troupe-mates Donald Glover and DC Pierson returned from Los Angeles to perform at The Creek and The Cave, in New York City. Glover was tossed a question from an audience member: What's it like working with Chevy Chase? In response, he described how Chase had delivered a 40-minute lecture to Saturday Night Live cast member Bobby Moynihan laying out the case for why Glover has to be homosexual, which he is not. "That's the only way a guy like Chevy Chase has of processing a black guy who looks like me, talks like me, dresses like me," said Glover on stage that night. "That's how alien [...]

Jeffrey Joseph on Returning to Standup After a 12-Year Break

After satirizing Black History Month, Obama and Herman Cain, all in the parodic guise of a less cunning comic, Jeffrey Joseph spends his applause break with eyes fixated on the floor, reaching for his drink, then putting it down as he’s already changed character, telling the crowd as a gallant Englishman, ”I want to thank you all very much for letting me work out my Letterman set. I mean, in the office, it’s not who I am, but it’s um…it’s what a black comedian has to do to make it. You’ve got to do the stereotype. I mean, it’s sad, and it’s across the board. I mean, Tracy Morgan [...]