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Inside the Return of 'Superego' with Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, Mark McConville, and Paul F. Tompkins

On September 1st, the incredibly funny podcast Superego is returning with the debut of its long-awaited fourth season. The semi-improvised sketch show will return from its year-plus hiatus with comedian Paul F. Tompkins, a frequent guest on seasons past, officially joining the group full-time as a regular cast member alongside Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, and Mark McConville. Since its launch in 2006, Superego has grown to become one of the comedy podcast industry's best and most elaborate programs and has attracted a slew of famous person guests like Jason Sudeikis, John Hodgman, and Gillian Jacobs, just to name a few. I recently had the chance to interview Gourley, Carter, McConville, and Tompkins [...]

Talking to the Guys Behind the Podcast 'Superego' About Their New Country-Rock Album

There's no shortage of great comedy podcasts these days, but one of the funniest ones going is Superego, an improvised audio sketch show created by Matt Gourley and Jeremy Carter. The show, which added members Mark McConville and Jeff Crocker early on, has developed a cult following since it began in 2006 and began attracting big-name guests from the comedy world like Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt, Jason Sudeikis, and Dan Harmon to name a few.

With Superego currently on hiatus, the gang is releasing a musical comedy album today called Mount Us More from their fictional outlaw country-rock band The Journeymen (led by Superego characters Shunt McGuppin [...]

'Superego' Season 4 Is Coming; Paul F. Tompkins to Join Group Full-Time

The popular improvised sketch podcast Superego hasn't released a new episode since the spring of 2013, but the group behind the show is finally bringing the show back. A fourth season of Superego is set to debut September 1st, with frequent guest Paul F. Tompkins joining the group full-time as a regular member alongside Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, and Mark McConville. Superego Season 4 will also feature Neko Case as a guest star, plus returning guests Andy Daly, Tom Lennon, Colin Hanks, and more.

Launched in 2006, Superego has attracted some of the biggest names in comedy, including Patton Oswalt, Jason Sudeikis, John Hodgman, and more. During the show's year-plus hiatus, [...]

Paul F. Tompkins Does a Great Impression of 'Boardwalk Empire's Richard Harrow

Here's a new video Paul F. Tompkins and some friends made for Funny or Die in which he plays the murder-loving, face mask-wearing Boardwalk Empire character Richard Harrow making an ad for his creepy murdering service. The video also stars Tompkins's wife Janie Haddad Tompkins and Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, and Mark McConville from the Superego podcast, all of whom are pretty great at playing old-timey weirdos.