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Celebrities Honor (and Joke About) Ben Stiller at a Big Fancy Event

The American Cinematheque gave its annual career achievement award to actor/writer/director/producer Ben Stiller last week, and a ton of his big shot celebrities pals turned out to pay tribute to him, and more importantly, to make jokes at his expense. Here are some of the evening's best jokes, quips, bits, and burns, as recorded by The Hollywood Reporter:

"Ben has one of the most marvelous, vibrant and exciting penises I've ever seen. I used to do a lot of cocaine in the '80s, so believe me, I've seen a lotta penises. Ben's is a real charmer … think Paul Newman around the time of The Hustler … fun, almost cute and cuddly. … [...]

Stiller & Meara Is Like Watching Your Parents Bicker, But Funny

This is the first episode of Stiller & Meara, a new web series featuring Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. Directed by their son Ben Stiller, it's pretty much just the two of them talking about things on a couch. And boy, is it wonderful. [via]

Love and Laughter: 9 Famous Couples Who Came Together via Comedy

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The past decade has seen a major boom in the comedy industry, as more and more avenues for funny people to make comedy (original cable shows, podcasts, Twitter, etc.) have emerged, meaning more and more people are employed in comedy than ever before. Sometimes, these funny people date, marry, and even have children with each other, combining their funny genetics to produce (presumably) even funnier spawn. From Will Arnett and Amy Poehler to Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, it seems like there are more of these comedy couples by [...]

Frank Costanza Goes Home

This is adorable: "Jerry Stiller, who played George Costanza's irascible dad on Seinfeld, made a surprise visit last week to the couple who live in the Astoria, Queens, house that doubled as the Costanza abode. He made their day."