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'Kroll Show's Second Season Evolves Into "Sketch-uational Comedy"

As far as character showcases go, it doesn't get much more elaborate than Kroll Show.

When Nick Kroll's sketch series on Comedy Central returned for its second season in January, it was clear that he had set his sights firmly on the pseudo-celebrity culture of reality television, with a lineup of characters inspired by the most despicable monsters that crawled out of the Jersey Shore and Real Housewives muck: the Guido womanizer Bobby Bottleservice, the psychopathic publicists of "PubLIZity," the man-child toilet-baby C-Czar, the self-destructively vain Rich Dicks, etc. But if the first season served to introduce the freakshow, the second season unleashed them out into [...]

The Real Snooki Meets the SNL Snooki

Apparently, SNL's Bobby Moynihan will be participating in MTV's Snooki-themed New Year's Eve show, and here's the proof: two poofs for the price of one. It's sort of terrifying! Add this one to the list of people savaged by SNL impersonators meeting their mockers.

Beavis and Butt-head Are Back, and They Watch The Jersey Shore

The first commercial for the new Beavis and Butt-head is viewable here, or when it hits your TV tonight. Seems in the revamped version of the comedy, which premieres October 27, our gutter-minded pals will be watching Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant with the same critical eye they once watched MTV's music videos. They truly are the cultural barometers of our day.

South Park Makes Snooki Look Like Even More of a Monster

South Park's episode taking on Jersey Shore aired last night, and hoo boy, they were not kind to Snooki. Luckily, she seems to be OK with it.

Oh, Jesus: The Cast of Jersey Shore Will Appear in the Three Stooges Movie

So, were you holding out hope that the Farrelly Brothers' upcoming Three Stooges reboot would be good? That they'd respect the source material and create something that we can all enjoy? Well, I've got some bad news for you: it's been announced that none other than the cast of Jersey Shore will be making an appearance in the film. I honestly can't think of any people who could more quickly kill off my interest in a movie just by being involved in it. Unless the stooges start out by playfully bonking Sammi on the head but then start bonking her on the head for real until she dies, [...]

South Park Is Taking On Jersey Shore

I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that the South Park guys are taking on Jersey Shore, but it's still exciting. Next week's episode's synopsis: "New Jersey is taking over the country, forcing Randy and the boys to fight back before their home becomes West Jersey." Good to have you back, South Park.