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'Dumb & Dumber' Sequel, Goodbye?

Two months ago, we reported that all the original players were onboard and excited for a proper Dumb & Dumber sequel and we were all properly onboard and excited. Well, Jim Carrey told ET (the TV show, not the alien) that he's off the project because of  his frustrations with New Line and Warner Brothers. He explained, "I would have thought Dumb and Dumber To was a no-brainer, after all it's implied in the title." First off, zing! Second off, drats! Just the title Dumb and Dumber To is pretty funny. So it goes. Let's pour out some Turbo Lax for the fallen sequel.

10 Great Comedy Film Audition Tapes

Watching an actor or actress’ screen test or audition tape feels very voyeuristic, like you’re seeing something that’s not supposed to be seen. They’re reading back scenes that, more often than not, will make it into the movie, but they haven’t mastered the role yet — they’re just auditioning, and God knows I wouldn’t want my first draft of, well, anything to be looked at by thousands, if not millions.

But we’re not here to debate the morality of all that: let’s instead take a look at the audition tapes for 10 comedians, from Steve Carell to Emma Stone, for 10 different roles, all of which they eventually [...]

Trade Roundup: Paul Feig, Police Academy 2, Bruce Almighty 2, Rob McElhenney

Paul Feig will direct The Better Woman, a comedy "about a powerful young woman whose boyfriend dumps her for an older lady." Ewwww, why would a guy want to date a woman who's OLD? PUKE.

There's gonna be a new Police Academy, directed by Scott Zabielski of Tosh.0. At ease, gents. I don't know what police say.

Fox greenlit two pilots: Living Loaded, a single-camera comedy from Rob McElhenney, about "a loose partying blogger forced to change his career plans when he becomes a radio host," and Dana Fox's Ben Fox Is My Manny, about a male nanny. A manny. Does that count as a [...]

Steve Carell's Magician Movie, CBS Divorce Comedy, And Eddie Murphy's Alien Movie

Steve Carell's new magician comedy Burt Wonderstone "is set in the world of rival Las Vegas magicians." Jim Carrey will play a newfangled illusionist who threatens Carell and leads to a breakup with his partner Steve Buscemi; Olivia Wilde will play Carell's former assistant and present love interest. So…best movie ever?

CBS has bought a show based on a long-running Israeli sitcom in which "a middle-aged, recently divorced couple who was bad at marriage discover they are now really bad at divorce – and can't help but being involved in each others' lives." Hmm. You mean like, for example, they take driving lessons together? My predictions [...]

Jim Carrey Has An Important, Off-Putting Message For Emma Stone

Guys, sometimes we make a joke. We think it's a really dead-on, witty piece of art, and it's only later we stop to consider the fact that we are not making said joke inside a cultural vacuum. That there are, in fact, old men who hit on inappropriately young women in an unsettling manner all the time, or that very few people want to hear about how a complete stranger wants to put his babies inside them. Jim Carrey's Emma Stone message is one such joke. "If I were a lot younger, I would marry you, and we would have chubby little freckle-faced kids," Carrey explains in his [...]

The Three Stooges Movie's Long Journey to the Screen

This weekend finally sees the release of the Farrelly Brothers’ Three Stooges movie. I say “finally” not because I’m particularly looking forward to the slapstick-heavy redux, but because those who read the entertainment trades and movie sites know that new casting announcements and rumors about Three Stooges have been flying around on the web for what feels like an eternity now.

As a New York Times piece this week points out, “The script has been kicking around for so long that the initial plan… was for [Moe] to get a makeover on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” but the Three Stooges movie has actually been in development [...]

Gillian Jacobs Has Joined the Magic of Burt Wonderstone

Burt Wonderstone is quickly shaping up to be the most eagerly awaited movie of 2012. Community's Gillian Jacobs just joined the cast, which means it's only a matter of time before we get pictures of her ridiculous magician costume too.

'Twas the Night Before Drunk History, And Jim Carrey Was Santa Claus

Drunk History is back! And this time it comes with a Christmas poem in its jolly sack. Jim Carrey plays Santa Claus, with his cheeks like jelly and a bowl full of …jelly. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes also star, as Allan McLeod leads us through a holiday classic despite the fact that he "drank since 2:30 today." [Chewing noise.]

Dumb And Dumber…est Is On The Way From The Farrelly Brothers

Just when I thought they couldn't possibly be any dumber, they go and do something like this… and totally redeem themselves! After they wrap up The Three Stooges, the Farrelly brothers are apparently going ahead with the Dumb And Dumber sequel they've been dreaming about since 1994, complete with original morons Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Seeing as how Jim Carrey has talked about the sequel before to the press, and Jeff Daniels…is around, the odds of this actually getting made are pretty good. In the meantime, I will throw down for the series' prequel Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. It wasn't all that bad! [...]

Taxi Killer Starring Jane Lynch, and Nine Other Less Than Impressive Film Debuts

Not every actor can be as lucky as Jason Schwartzman and have their first film be Wes Anderson’s Rushmore (and first TV appearance, Freaks and Geeks). Below are 10 extremely famous, extremely wealthy, extremely talented comedians whose film (whether full-length or made-for-TV) debuts were anything but memorable.

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels Are Set to Return in Dumb and Dumber 2

In what's either super-exciting news about the return of two beloved characters or further evidence of Hollywood's yellow-bellied resistance to new ideas — I honestly don't know! — Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels have signed on to reprise their roles of Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber 2, which will be directed by the Farrelly brothers just like the original. It'll be like that really weird half-sequel featuring guys who sort of looked like Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels never happened! Shooting starts this September, with an expected release next year.

Interestingly, the Farrelly brothers won't be writing this one — that duty is going to Sean [...]

Jim Carrey's Amazing Burt Wonderstone Costume Gives Carell's A Run for Its Money

I was so sure that Steve Carell's costume for Burt Wonderstone was going to be the funniest magician costume we saw all January, but now I don't even know what to think about anything anymore after seeing Jim Carrey's getup (full image below). That flowing, two-toned hair. Those buckled leather wristbands. That goatee. That carabiner! Ahhh. Pitting feathered hair against leather, it looks like this movie is gonna be to magicians what Blades of Glory was to figure skaters.

Which Comedian Had the Greatest Five-Year Span of Films?

In the days leading up to the release of Tower Heist, one of the many, many stories I read about Eddie Murphy stated that from roughly 1982-1986, the actor had the greatest five-year stretch of any comedian, ever. The writer was including not only his gig as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, but also his stand-up routine and his films. That got me wondering whether, in fact, Murphy did have the best half-decade of all-time, with one exception: to only include movies. So, I looked at the filmography of every lauded, respected, and hilarious comedian (and I chose only people who we’d think of as comedians first, [...]

Jim Carrey Is Literally Magic In Steve Carell's Burt Wonderstone

While he's apparently still in negotiations, Deadline reports that we'll probably be seeing Jim Carrey in Burt Wonderstone, starring alongside Steve Carell as a member of the Las Vegas magician community. As it should be. While it's not entirely clear if Carrey will star as Carell's erstwhile partner or his new "hip street magician rival," Carrey's squirmy, manic energy seems pretty much made for an over-the-top magician role. A Criss Angel who's in on the joke, if you will.