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This Week in Comedy: Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' Premieres

In case you missed it, here's all the big comedy stuff that happened this week:

-Jimmy Fallon took over as host of The Tonight Show on Monday (watch his first episode here). His first week featured fun appearances from Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, and Jerry Seinfeld.

-Mel Brooks warmly remembered Sid Caesar on Conan.

-Tina Fey's next movie is an adaptation of the darkly comic memoir The Taliban Shuffle, in which she'll play a journalist in the Middle East.

-Scott Thompson provided the Colbert Report with more Sochi Coverage as Buddy Cole. We then looked at why The Colbert Report should use its correspondents more often.


Jimmy Fallon Gives Jay Leno a Lifetime 'Tonight Show' Guest Spot Invitation

On this morning's Today show, Matt Lauer sat down with Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon to discuss the upcoming Tonight Show host transition ahead of Leno's final episode tomorrow night, and Fallon was sure to make it clear that Leno is welcome as a guest on the New York Tonight Show anytime. He told Lauer:

I'm just looking forward to the new chapter in my life. I told Jay, I gave him a roundtrip ticket to New York — coach, because he's humble. He could always upgrade if he wants. Honestly, as many jokes as he wants. The stage is his, he knows that. So whenever he wants, [...]

Here's the Newest Promo for 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

In case you haven't heard yet, Jimmy Fallon is taking over The Tonight Show on Monday, February 17th, and he's really excited about it, which you can see all over this new promo full of great moments in Tonight Show host history. Fingers crossed that Will Ferrell shows up for another song about tight clothing.

Watch Fallon and Springsteen's Chris Christie-Themed "Born to Run" Parody

American treasure Bruce Springsteen was a guest on Late Night last night, and Fallon didn't waste an opportunity to sing about a recent New Jersey news headline alongside the iconic musician — denim, bandana, and all.

Here's the First Promo for 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

With Jimmy Fallon's transition to Leno's time slot only a little over a month away, NBC released this nostalgic promo called "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – A Tradition Continues" over the weekend. The teaser features all the hosts throughout the show's 60-year history (including a brief nod to Conan O'Brien) and several clips of Fallon doing tons of fun things during his run on Late Night. His turn on The Tonight Show begins Monday, February 17th, so hopefully this promo is a good indication that it will be just as entertaining as his five years hosting Late Night.

Watch 17-Year-Old Jimmy Fallon's Very First Standup Set

Continuing in today's unearthed before-they-were-stars video trend, here's footage of Jimmy Fallon's very first attempt at standup when he was just a 17-year-old kid from Saugerties with a solid Travolta impression. Funny how he's retained those trademark flashes of mid-performance lip-biting shyness even as host of The Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno Talk 'Tonight Show' Past and Future

Last night, Tonight Show heir Jimmy Fallon paid Leno a visit, and the two chatted about Super Bowl commercials, Jimmy's thoughts on magazine airbrushing, and the glowing pride he feels now that his baby daughter knows how to chew pasta. In part 2 of the interview below, Leno plays a clip of Fallon's very first Tonight Show appearance, where we learn that the 3-piece suit is the secret ingredient to future Tonight Show stardom and success.

Jay Leno Talks Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon, and His Future on '60 Minutes'

Last night, 60 Minutes aired the above Tonight Show exit interview with Jay Leno. Highlights include Leno jokingly considering a History Channel show, his wife Mavis getting really mad about that whole Conan thing, and this exchange with Steve Kroft:

You would've preferred to stay. Well it's always nice to keep working, sure it is. But am I extremely grateful? Yes. Do I understand the circumstances? Yes, of course.

This is the part I don't understand. I mean you're still #1. Well I think because you have talented people who will only wait so long before they get another opportunity, you don't want to lose that opportunity. That makes [...]

Fallon Channels Travolta in This New 'Tonight Show' Promo

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon premieres on NBC February 17th, so Fallon and company rolled out this promo called "Staying Awake" featuring Fallon reenacting the iconic opening sequence of Saturday Night Fever, can of semi-gloss and all. Considering Fallon's spent five years in the 12:35AM time slot, this whole "staying awake" thing should thankfully no longer be an issue.

Jimmy Fallon Announces 'Best of Late Night' Primetime Special

Over the weekend, Jimmy Fallon announced via Twitter that NBC will air a Best of Late Night primetime special this Sunday January 5th at 9:00PM. With Fallon's transition to The Tonight Show coming up in February, the two-hour special will be a fitting salute to his five years churning out one viral-friendly musical bit, recurring sketch, and celebrity interview after another on the late night time slot. According to one press release, the special will include "Joking Bad," "Evolution of Mom Dancing" with Michelle Obama, "Scrambled Eggs" with Paul McCartney, and probably at least ten things with Justin Timberlake.

One week from tonight: The Best of Late Night [...]

A Look at Jimmy Fallon's First 'Tonight Show'

Jimmy Fallon's long-awaited Tonight Show debut aired last night with official guests Will Smith and U2 and unofficial guests Robert De Niro, Lady Gaga, Tracy Morgan, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Joan Rivers, Mike Tyson, Joe Namath, Mariah Carey, and Stephen Colbert. Above, watch the fantastic string of celebrity cameos who begrudging gave Fallon the $100 they all owed him for making it to The Tonight Show, then click through to check out some of the night's best moments, including Fallon's first Tonight Show monologue and his "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" sketch with Will Smith.

Jimmy Fallon Predicts How His 'Tonight Show' Run Will Go

Jimmy Fallon is set to take over The Tonight Show on Monday, February 17th, and he gave an interview to Vulture talking about the transition. Here he is giving what'll probably be an accurate prediction of his initial ratings:

"I’m sure we’ll do great the first week because the Olympics will give us a good lead-in. And then after the Olympics, you know, we have a normal ten-o’clock lead-in, so the ratings will go down. That’ll be a headline: 'Fallon loses 40 percent of his audience.' [Once Seth Meyers takes over Late Night on February 24th], our ratings will go up a little bit because people will be intrigued about [...]

Lorne Michaels on Jimmy Fallon: "There is no job for Jimmy after this."

"It’s not lost on Fallon that Tonight, if all goes well, will be his last job, the one that will see him through the next 20 to 30 years. There is none of the tension that surrounded the Jay-to-Conan transition, and the show’s relocation east signals NBC’s strong commitment to not messing with the program any further. Michaels, for his part, is adamant on the matter. 'There is no job for Jimmy after this,' he said. 'You can’t go back to being Uncle Bob in the movie. This is a different thing, something that only a few people in the world ever get to do.'"

- from Vanity Fair's [...]

Checking in with 'SNL' Halfway Through Season 39

We've reached the midpoint of SNL's 39th season — one that has optimistically been called a "transitional year," but one more commonly known as "the year the shit hit the fan with that whole black woman issue." Despite the fact that the bulk of the SNL coverage in fall 2013 has zeroed in on the show's diversity controversy, SNL has given us plenty of other things to talk about, from new cast members and emerging stars on the show, to surprise cameos and celebrity hosts who defied our expectations — in good and bad ways.

Unfortunately, few of those topics have gotten much ink in fall 2013 (outside of sites [...]