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The Anarchic Comedy of Joe Dante's 'Gremlins'

As a filmmaker, there is much more to Joe Dante than Gremlins, but there's a reason the 1984 film has been his most successful. Coupled with its screwball sequel, Gremlins represents Dante's sensibility, a self-aware and sometimes postmodern mixture of horror and comedy, at its most accessible and fully-realized. Joe Dante is a filmmaker in love with junk cinema: low budget sci-fi, classic monster movies, gag-a-minute vintage cartoons. Media that, to quote Tony Randall's Brain Gremlin from Gremlines 2, is “fun, but in no sense civilized.” Dante's films bring these disparate influences together and, like a Mogwai transforming into a Gremlin, makes them into something new, exciting and, above [...]