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'Variety' Tells Us about Their 10 Comics to Watch

Two weeks ago, we showed you the cover of Variety's "10 Comics To Watch" issue. The issue hits newsstands this week, so finally we can get an insight onto why Jillian Bell, Kurt Braunohler, Rob Delaney, Lil Rel Howery, Jake & Amir, Moshe Kasher, Joe Mande, Rory Scovel, and Jessica Williams are so damn watchable. Read about all of these now watched comedians here.

Talking with Joe Mande about the Final Totally J/K, 'Parks & Rec', and Moving to LA

With Johnny Cash's "Hurt" and Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" playing over the soundsystem, the atmosphere was decidedly somber at the UCBeast last night. As the goodbye message on the chalkboard schedule read, Joe Mande was "LEAVING 4 L.A.!" As was announced on Wednesday, Mande was hired as a writer for Parks & Recreation, so after years of being a fixture of the New York comedy scene, he was moving. And as a result, Totally J/K, the stand-up show he has been hosting with his friend Noah Garfinkel for five years, was ending. Right before the final Totally J/K, I got a chance to speak with Joe about [...]

New Crop of Comedy Central Half-Hours Premiering this Friday

Comedy Central

Goodbye Comedy Central Presents – hello The Half Hour. Ostensibly, they're the same thing but The Half Hour sounds cooler. The list of specials includes a diverse assortment of dudes and Garfunkel & Oates. Besides G&O, there is: Joe Mande, Neal Brennan (famous for co-creating The Chappelle Show), Na'im Lynn, David O'Doherty, Michael Palascak, Jesse Popp, Theo Von ("famous" for being on Road Rules), Rory Scovel, Maronzio Vance, Nick Vatterott, and Brendon Walsh. The series premieres this Friday, May 11th, at 11:00pm with Rory Scovel, followed by Michael Palascak at [...]

Talking to Joe Mande About Standup, Writing, and Tormenting Celebrities on Twitter

Unless you’re Grover Norquist, or David Vitter, or Frankie Muniz or Gilbert Arenas, you probably find Joe Mande pretty damn funny. Mande is a clever New York-based stand-up comic and writer who has carved out a niche on Twitter as a reliable scourge who will call out bullshit from superficial celebrities and public figures. His recent feud with Orlando Magic Guard Gilbert Arenas was especially entertaining and even made headlines in the sports and entertainment blogospheres.

But don’t reduce Mande to a comedian who spends all his time lurking on the internet. Mande, 28, is an accomplished performer who is currently attracting a lot of industry “heat,” [...]

A Reading of a Screenplay Based on Glenn Beck's Novel

Comedian Joe Mande's Adaptation of Glenn Beck's Novel UCBcomedy.com

Apparently, the new hot thing to do when making a comedy video is just to find lousy material written by someone else and then winkingly read it on stage. Joe Mande, the comedian behind the blog-to-book Look at This Fucking Hipster, wrote a screenplay based on Glenn Beck's The Overton Window and then had people like Kristin Schall, Big Lake's Chris Gethard and stand-up and 30 Rock writer Hannibal Buress perform a staged reading of it at New York's UCB Theatre. The dialogue is about what you'd [...]

Leaked 'Variety' Cover Reveals the 10 Comics to Watch for 2012

Sarah Colonna tweeted this picture that reveals this year's Variety "10 Comics to Watch", probably because she was super excited to be featured. Also probably excited are: Jillian Bell, Kurt Braunohler, Rob Delaney, Lil Rel Howery, Jake & Amir, Moshe Kasher, Joe Mande, Rory Scovel, and Jessica Williams. Considering its track record, this is a big break for these young comedians. Last year's list included Rebel Wilson, Amy Schumer, Harris Wittels, Chris D'Elia, and Pete Holmes and they're doing all right. The issue doesn't officially get released until 7/25, so we won't know why each was picked until then. But it's probably because they're all funny and cool and [...]

Joe Mande to Write for 'Parks & Recreation'

At around 2:00pm today, Joe Mande announced via Tweet (check it out below) that he was hired as a writer on Parks & Recreation and he'll be moving to LA. This is big news for Joe, who has been a fixture of the New York comedy scene for years. When Mande was on WTF in January 2011, Maron speculated that writing was the natural path for him. He has since written on this season of Delocated and the yet to debut The Nick Show Kroll. The position will reunite Mande with his former college sketch group teammate Harris Wittels, who has been writing on Parks since the second season. Joining Megan [...]

Seth Meyers, Tina Fey, & Jon Glaser Check in on a Very Special Chris Gethard Show

As regular fans of The Chris Gethard Show know, "Checking in With Alyssa" features call-ins from 16-year-old Alyssa. On this week's episode, though, Alyssa was in town, and Gethard put together a fantastically star-studded hour just for her, including visits from Joe Mande, CollegeHumor's Jeff Rubin, Grizz Chapman, 30 Rock writer Kay Cannon, Zachary Levi from Chuck, Jack McBrayer, and SNL's Bobby Moynihan. Oh, and a letter and Subway footlong from Jon Glaser of Delocated, a call-in from Seth Meyers on the west coast, and a video tour of Liz Lemon's office from Tina Fey (how awesome is it that there's a picture of Amy Poehler in [...]

Joe Mande Is a Big Sleepie on Conan

Joe Mande's Conan set last night contained my favorite Joe Mande bit of all time. It's also a bit which makes me laugh extra loud while darting my eyes from side-to-side with the secret shameful knowledge that I'm two egg creams and one pickling class away from full-blown foodieism. So drink his jokes in! Drink them in like the drinkie you are!

Megan Amram, Joe Mande, Ilana Glazer, Lauren Lapkus and Others Named Comics to Watch

Megan Amram, Jerrod Carmichael, Arthur Meyer, Sean Patton, Rebecca Delgado Smith, Joe Mande, Ilana Glazer, Lauren Lapkus, Sheng Wang, and Betsy Sodaro were named by Backstage as "Comics to Watch." So, if you see any of these comedians walking around, watch them closely because their big break will happen literally any second now.

Take a Video Tour of Five of New York's Best Comedy Shows

New York, comedy jungle where jokes are made of There's nothin' you can't do Now you're in New York These jokes will make you feel brand new Big jokes will inspire you Laugh hear it for New York, New York, New York

New York has a lot of great weekly comedy shows and thankfully BlackBook made it slightly easier to navigate by highlighting five of the very best. Besides the above video about Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler's Hot Tub, there are videos below covering John Gemberling and Anthony Atamanuik's Tony & Johnny Show, Max Silvestri and Gabe Liedman's Big Terrific, Joe Mande and Noah [...]

The Rise and Fall and Fall and Fall of Hipster Bashing

Let’s get the eye rolling out of the way. We all know hipsters are the worst because they’ve been defined as such since the turn of the millennium when the term was reintroduced. They are all smug and unkempt and sheep-like and neighborhood-ruiners and privileged (if not over-privileged) and jerks and smelly-heads and dum-dums and HIPSTERS. They deserve to be made fun of as much as—if not more than—anybody else. But just because they’re an easy target it doesn’t mean their mocking must be effortless. Over the last four years or so, what was once a rich terrain for satire has been mired by laziness and a singular dependence [...]

Check Out Photos of Splitsider's Birthday Bash

This past Saturday, we celebrated the one year anniversary of Splitsider (technically it's in a couple of weeks, but who's counting?) with a comedy show and party co-hosted by our friends from Gentrify Brooklyn. It was a huge success, with tons of people coming out and helping to raise over $700 for 826NYC. Hooray! If you weren't able to make it, here are some photos of the event from Nadia Chaudhury.