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Joe Wengert on His 'Half Hour' Special and Writing for Three Very Different TV Shows

With a half hour special under his belt, Joe Wengert's standup career is taking off, so it’s not hard to believe that he's also an accomplished improviser. Wengert ran the UCB Theatre's school in New York and then in LA and still regularly performs improv at the LA theater with the team The Smokes in addition to the long-running show ASSSSCAT. His TV writing credits are impressive as well: Wengert has written for Kroll Show, Comedy Bang! Bang! and Playing House. You can catch his episode of The Half Hour this Friday, July 18th, at 12:30 am.

I got to talk to Joe about preparing for The Half Hour, writing [...]

The Best Comedic Monologue You'll See Today

This comedic monologue by Joe Wengert, performed last night at Dave Holmes and Rob Delaney's Mapping the Heavens show at UCB in LA, is one of my very favorite things. This video is from a performance of the same monologue from last year, but I assume it was pretty similar last night. I wasn't there, but knowing that it happened is a good enough excuse for me to post this, right? Seriously, if you've got 8 minutes to spare, watch this. It's pretty much perfect.

'Kroll Show's Second Season Evolves Into "Sketch-uational Comedy"

As far as character showcases go, it doesn't get much more elaborate than Kroll Show.

When Nick Kroll's sketch series on Comedy Central returned for its second season in January, it was clear that he had set his sights firmly on the pseudo-celebrity culture of reality television, with a lineup of characters inspired by the most despicable monsters that crawled out of the Jersey Shore and Real Housewives muck: the Guido womanizer Bobby Bottleservice, the psychopathic publicists of "PubLIZity," the man-child toilet-baby C-Czar, the self-destructively vain Rich Dicks, etc. But if the first season served to introduce the freakshow, the second season unleashed them out into [...]

Check Out Charlie on Parole, a Short Film with TJ Miller, Bobby Moynihan and Joe Wengert

This is Charlie on Parole, a short film by Kevin Mead and Paul Briganti starring TJ Miller and featuring Bobby Moynihan, Joe Wengert and Molly Ryman, amongst others. Rather than go the festival route, the producers of the film decided to put it online and see where it went. So here it is! It tells the story of Charlie, played by Miller, a recent ex-con who finds acclimating to the outside world to be a bit difficult. At over 22 minutes, it's long by internet video standards, but hey, consider it a great excuse to prove to yourself that you haven't completely destroyed your attention span.