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'Community' (and Dan Harmon) Returns with a Vengeance in Season 5

After being fired from Community in 2012, creator Dan Harmon used his live-show-turned-podcast, Harmontown, to build a cult of devoted followers. It became the platform for him to air his grievances about basically everything in his life from problems with Sony to his family to negative comments on the internet and provide a hyper intensive glimpse into the madness of his creativity. It was on Harmontown where he first announced that he would be back on Community and then proceeded to tear apart season 4 to much public backlash. He’s gone through his process coming back to the show, let secrets for season 5 slip, and used his weekly presence [...]

The American Version of 'The IT Crowd' That Never Made It to TV

There’s no formula for good TV. Networks and studios shuffle through hundreds of new projects every year, but when it comes down to it, it’s easier remake, reboot, or sequelize. Throughout the 2000s, NBC struggled to bring highly popular and influential BBC television stateside, giving The Office and Coupling, in particular, some love, American style. While Coupling quickly careened off into TV hell, The Office hit the ground, got back up, and found its voice. The show evolved into itself.

It’s interesting to watch those early episodes of The Office. Near line-for-line retellings of its British counterpart, NBC’s The Office never really clicks in its debut season. Michael [...]

Joel McHale Says Chevy Chase Wanted to Physically Fight Him and Claimed Richard Pryor Gave Him Permission to Use the N-Word

Here's Joel McHale talking to Howard Stern about how difficult it is to work with Chevy Chase, making this the millionth piece of evidence that it's difficult to work with Chevy Chase.

If Only Joel McHale and Rob Riggle's ESPY Handshake Could Last Forever

Did this handshake really need to end so soon? Couldn't they have waited a little longer to announce what was the "Best Third Quarter Right-Handed Dunk By A Lefty In A California-Located NCAA Division II Basketball Game In Which The Winning Team Went On To Win By 8, 13, or 14 Points" or whatever gets awarded at the ESPYs? Below is Rob Riggle's monologue, which if you're unfamiliar with sports will just seem like mumbo jumbo mixed with jokes about Cleveland and eyebrows.

Joel McHale Thinks Chevy Is Coming Back, Which Is Good Enough For Us

There is a lot of art imitating life in Community, as the characters are very much a representation of Dan Harmon and of their actor's iconography. That's why it's fun to see that Joel McHale is the real life leader of the study group that is the show. Sure, Dan Harmon is in charge of running the show and all, but it's McHale's job to maintain show normalcy. At NBC's summer press event, McHale calmly and confidently tried to relieve the troubling, bubbling tension that is Chevy Chase: "He obviously wasn’t very happy. But he loves the cast, my guess is he’ll be back if we’re back… I’m [...]

Here's the Trailer for 'Community' Season 5

Community is set to return for its fifth season on January 2nd, with back-to-back episodes airing that night. Here's the brand new trailer for the first episode, giving us our first glimpses of the Chevy Chase-less version of the show with creator Dan Harmon back in the driver's seat after a season off.

Watch Joel McHale and Dan Harmon's Creative Arts Emmy Awards Monologue

Joel McHale and Community creator Dan Harmon performed the opening monologue for The Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which aired on FXX Saturday and took place a week earlier. Here's their Ricky Gervais-style monologue, which is worthy of an Emmy itself.

Joel McHale Tells Conan About Reality TV and Getting Out of Speeding Tickets

Community and The Soup star Joel McHale did Conan last night, which was presumably another appearance that he booked to promote Community back when the show was supposed to return in the fall. Either way, McHale and Conan, who apparently have lunch together, had a fun chat about trashy reality TV, parenting, how to get out of tickets, and driving a flashy sports car. Joel McHale driving a flashy sports car is the closest we have to knowing what a successful Jeff Winger would be like.

Watch the American 'IT Crowd's' Pilot (While It's Still Up)

Weird, right? This was NBC's failed attempt to remake the British hit sitcom The IT Crowd. This episode of television is particularly relevant because it was written by David Guarascio and Moses Port A.K.A. the new showrunners of Community A.K.A. our potential future worst enemies. It's not all bad: Richard Ayoade does a fine job playing the exact same character as before, Jessica St. Clair is as winning as ever, Joel McHale is there, and ummmm, hmmm, that's about it. What do you think? Is Community doomed? [Via]

McHale Jokingly Addresses/Evades Chevy Voicemail-gate – Classic Winger

This morning, while guest co-hosting Live with Kelly, Joel McHale broke his long silence over the whole Dan Harmon-Chevy Chase ego contest. In response to Kelly’s prodding, McHale answered by cracking some jokes and smiling some smiles – it was everything you’d hope for and more. McHale smirked, “It's impossible because there's no way Chevy could figure out voicemail.” He continued, in his best Jeff Winger impression, “He hibernates for nine months out of the year and when you wake someone up, they're very disoriented and a lot of the time, they don't know what they're saying." This is a great point and also great advice for the [...]

Joel McHale Will Star in a Softball Dramedy From the Writer of 'Nebraska'

Joel McHale is set to star in The Tribe, an upcoming film "about a Native American high-school girls softball team and the new coach who arrives to helm them," according to the Los Angeles Times. The film be written and directed by Bob Nelson, who wrote the upcoming Alexander Payne film Nebraska starring Will Forte. Both McHale and Nelson worked on the Seattle comedy show Almost Live! before making it big, best known as the show that launched Bill Nye the Science Guy.

McHale is making a serious push into films. The Community star will be season in the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore comedy The Familymoon, which is [...]

Joel McHale to Host Spin-Off Series 'The Soup Investigates'

E! announced today that they're spinning off The Soup. The network is developing a new series, entitled The Soup Investigates, which will also be hosted by Joel McHale. The spinoff will feature McHale and a team of investigative reporters diving deep to answer pop culture-related questions. It sounds kind of like a version of The Soup with Daily Show-esque field segments, which could turn out funny and be an opportunity to develop several comedians into a core group of faux-reporters like The Daily Show has done. If Community manages to get picked up for next season by NBC and E! orders The Soup Investigates to series, Joel McHale could have [...]

Joel McHale Says 'Community's Halloween Episode Will Be Awesome in February

Joel McHale was on Jimmy Kimmel last night in an appearance that he booked before Community's sudden hiatus was announced, but he showed up anyway to discuss the little vacation from NBC's schedule the show is taking. Like the timing of this TV appearance, McHale explains that the Community delay is messing up a lot of things planned for the new season, like an original sketch the cast made together that they'll still be tweeting out simultaneously this Friday, and the show's Halloween episode, which Joel McHale promises will be "awesome in February." We're looking forward to Community hopefully taking on Thanksgiving, Taken 2, and Mitt Romney's "binders full of women" comment next [...]

'Community's' McHale and Brie Charm Their Respective Late Night Hosts

With the upfronts coming up next week, Joel McHale and Alison Brie reminded us of the benefit of casting such good-looking, charming actors. While McHale was talking about Conan getting super drunk at their kids' playdate (take a second to imagine how fun that playdate was…k, seconds over) and discussing the finer points of leather pants wearing with Andy, Brie was animaling balloons, kind of flirting with Garry Shandling (who can blame her), and talking about getting an unfortunate massage (unfortunate for her, not the guy who saw her butt). If only Nielsen ratings were decided by charm, Community would trounce those Big Bang Theory nerds. After the jump, [...]