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John Flynn Cheats and Slap Fights His Way Off the Basketball Team

Our story this week: John Flynn was the sort of guy who cares more about the Oscar noms for Les Miserable than sports, until he discovered that a litte cheating and violent subterfuge could lead his highschool basketball team to unprecedented victory. He had found his place: riding high on the low road. What could possibly knock the dark prince of highscool basketball off his courtside throne? Listen to find out.

John Flynn is a master storyteller who can be found telling stories all over the world, winning MOTH grandslams, teaching storytelling classes at the UCB, hosting Oh, Hey Guys!, taking names, and breaking hearts. He told his story at Nights [...]

A Funny Thing: John Flynn Fights One Enormous Testicle

Comedian and storyteller John Flynn awoke one morning to discover one of his testicles had swollen to the size of an ambitious nectarine. Only one man could help him: his own grandfather, the very man from whom John must keep an incredible secret! How unspeakably awkward will things get? Listen to find out, on this week's A Funny Thing.

John Flynn is the damn best and he is recording a new album at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York on Wednesday, November 21st at 8pm. Get your (supercheap) tickets here. Come and have your laugh recorded for posterity! Everybody loves posterity!

Download this business (MP3), subscribe here [...]

Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak #11: Thank You, Snakes (Featuring Pangea 3000)

In this week’s episode of "Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak" members of Pangea 3000 Dan Klein (Rejected Pitches), Arthur Meyer (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), and Zack Poitras (The Regulars) join Abra to create a world where fish give massages, Marty hurts his knees, and all are welcome to the Bad Experience Experience.

A Funny Thing #17: I See You In a Cape with John Flynn

John Flynn is off to see the wizard! But what will the wizard give him? A pretty hot pink cape, a believable sexual alibi, or perhaps the genesis of young John’s abiding love affair with…the theatre!


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John Flynn is a performer, writer and storyteller who is almost impossible to escape. He's been featured by everything and anything about storytelling and he's written for some of the biggest cable-centric award shows around. Go visit Mr. John Flynn at allthingsflynn.com and tell him A Funny Thing sent you.

Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak #10: “M&M’S” with Nicole Drespel, John Flynn, and Phil Jackson

Oh, hello! It’s our 10th episode of “Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak”! Nicole Drespel (Bucky), John Flynn (Oh, Hey Guys!), & Phil Jackson (Cardigan Does Brunch) join Abra to create a world where two breasts won’t get you a Bud Light, but a clavicle will, child birth is fueled by Red Bull and peanut M&Ms, and weiners get stage fright.

It's That Episode 22: John Flynn/'RuPaul's Drag Race' – Jocks in Frocks

On "It's That Episode," Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to his apartment to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode and a bunch of other crap. Episodes are released every Monday.

John Flynn (Nights of Our Lives) stops by Craig's apartment to watch an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race. Expect a lot of talk about tucking, find out about John's experience writing for RuPaul, and get ready to look FABULOUS!