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The Episodes of 'SNL' Season 39, Ranked

With SNL's 39th season coming to a close, we're taking a look at the past season with a series of posts examining the highs, lows, and other memorable moments from the past eight months. Here, we look at each episode as a whole, ranking them in order of overall success and positive resonance with viewers.

Obviously comedy is subjective, and everyone watches SNL looking for different things — this list is just one of many you can find online. As far as we're concerned, things like musical guests, surprise cameos, and drama surrounding the show are less important than the plain-and-simple comedy aspects of an episode: How many sketches had [...]

John Goodman's 9 Best 'SNL' Sketches

This Saturday, John Goodman returns to host Saturday Night Live for the first time in over a decade. Prior to this week's show, Goodman was a nineties SNL staple and took on hosting gigs for thirteen nearly consecutive years between 1989-2001 (he took a break in 1991), bringing the always welcome gruff big-guy Dan Conner vibe to a host of memorable sketches from the Swerski Superfans to the Bill Brasky salesmen to any news story involving Linda Tripp. In celebration of Goodman's return to SNL this week, here are nine of his best sketches from years past, from earliest to most recent:

Paul Rudd, John Goodman, and Jimmy Fallon to Host the Last Three 'SNL's of the Year

NBC announced today the hosts for the last three SNL episodes of the year: Paul Rudd, John Goodman, and Jimmy Fallon. Rudd will host the December 7th episode with musical guest One Direction, Goodman will host on the December 14th with musical guest Kings of Leon, and Jimmy Fallon will host the Christmas show on December 21st with musical guest Justin Timberlake.

This will be the third time hosting for Rudd, who's promoting Anchorman 2. It's the 13th time for Goodman, who hasn't hosted SNL since 2001. Fallon, who was a cast member from 1998 to 2004, has only hosted once: SNL's Christmas show in 2011. SNL is live [...]

Watch Bill Murray's Cameo in the Amazon Pilot 'Alpha House'

Amazon unveiled eight comedy pilots on its streaming service this morning, and one of them, Alpha House, features a cameo from Bill Murray. Here's the cameo in its entirety, courtesy of Vulture. It features John Goodman as a Senator waking up Murray's Senator character. It may not top Bill Murray's Zombieland cameo, but it's still a pretty good Bill Murray cameo.

John Goodman in Talks to Play 'Hangover III's' Villian

The lovely, awesome John Goodman is being eyed to play the bad guy in the final Hangover movie. (More like John not so Goodman. Get it? Because he won't be G– I'll just stop now.) Goodman is a natural bad guy, as was the case in this past season of Community, because of how physically imposing he is and the undeniable gravitas of his voice. If Goodman can't do it, Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr. are director Todd Phillips' back-up choices. And this marks the first time where John Goodman, Sean Penn, and Robert Downey Jr. were fighting for the same role. Well, other than when they all [...]

Amazon Renews 'Alpha House' for Season 2, Creator Garry Trudeau to Put 'Doonesbury' on Hold

Streaming service Amazon Studios has renewed its John Goodman comedy series Alpha House for a second season, Washington Post reports. Alpha House, which stars Goodman as one of four Republican Senators, concluded its 11-episode first season last month. There's no word on how many episodes the second season will consists of or when it will debut. The fate of Amazon's other new comedy, Betas, has yet to be announced one way or the other.

Alpha House's creator, Garry Trudeau, will put his long-running daily comic strip Doonesbury on an extended hiatus to work on the new season of his Amazon show. He will continue to create [...]

John Goodman and Taran Killam Get Merry in These 'SNL' Promos

Here's a promo for this week's SNL with Taran Killam and John Goodman, who will be hosting for the 13th time this Saturday. Goodman's last hosting gig was back in November 2001 (or "150 years ago," as he puts it), so it should be interesting to see how he meshes with this new generation of cast members. Hopefully he's not mad they did the Bill Brasky sketch without him last week.

Amazon's First Shows 'Alpha House' and 'Betas' to Premiere This Month; First 3 Episodes Free

Amazon announced today the premiere dates for its first two original comedies. The John Goodman-starring Alpha House, about a quartet of Washington D.C. senators living together, will debut November 15th. The Silicon Valley startup sitcom Betas, starring Jon Daly, will begin airing November 22nd.

Amazon will make the first three episodes of each show free on Amazon Instant Video on those dates, and roll out one new episode of each on the subscription service in subsequent weeks. The first season of each show is 11 episodes long. Amazon let viewers view and rate their entire slate of pilots they were developing into potential shows, with execs choosing to [...]

You Can Watch Amazon's 8 New Comedy Pilots Online Right Now

Online retailer Amazon is making a big push to develop original TV content a la Netflix, and they've debuted a slate of eight original comedy pilots on their streaming service Amazon Instant Video today. Unlike regular TV networks, who film a bunch of pilots but don't let the public see them, Amazon is letting users see all of its pilots to decide which ones they will order to series based on viewer response. Here's a list of the eight pilots screening on Amazon today and summaries from the web site so that you know what your options are:

Alpha House Alpha House was written by Academy Award nominee [...]

KFC Is Happy to Corner the Gay Chicken Market

1. John Goodman is the best. 2. Who else really wants some fried chicken with a side of gravy right now? 3. John Goodman is the best. Hopefully, there will be more chicken related news, so Johnny B. Goodman can bust out his colonel more often. Also, chicken news is the most delicious news. BRB lunch.

'SNL' Review: John Goodman Wasted

Sometimes I wish I could walk into an SNL episode knowing nothing. No information as to who the host or special guests are, or what their comedic experience might be, or what their past roles on the show have been. No expectations of the cast members, or knowledge of who the more senior players are or how much respective screen time they've been getting. No insight into behind-the-scenes drama or media scrutiny toward the show's staffing procedures. Never have I enjoyed SNL more than when I was a casual viewer, simply tuning in without any expectation of what I might see.

Of course, those expectations are unavoidable — not [...]

'Alpha House' Is TV's Newest, Not Its Best, Political Comedy

The bar for political comedy on TV has been set pretty high by The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Veep, so it has to be an intimidating subgenre for any new show to tackle. Amazon's new sitcom Alpha House, one of the first ever original programs from the company alongside Silicon Valley comedy Betas, launched earlier this month and joined those aforementioned Emmy-dominating, politician-skewering shows in taking on Washington, DC. Political comedies are expected to walk a fine line between subtlety and scoring big laughs. In its first few episodes, Alpha House has yet to find that balance, and it's unfair to expect it to be up [...]

Your Custom Headstone Does Not Meet Our Standards, by David Guzman

Dear Sir,

Bloomington Cemetery very much appreciates your business, and we are pleased to see clients who have the foresight to plan ahead for their final resting place. With that said, we regret to inform you that the headstone you propose to have at your recently purchased burial plot does not meet our cemetery's standards and regulations. Although we understand the need to individualize your grave marker, we must decline your custom designed headstone because of following reasons:

• We cannot engrave a headstone with five dates of birth for one person.

• The font style you created for your inscriptions, Detroit Sans Serif, is illegible on both paper [...]

John Goodman Will Star in Amazon's Comedy Pilot 'Alpha House'

Amazon is getting ready to launch a batch of original comedy shows, and John Goodman has been added the pilot for a new show called Alpha House, Deadline reports. Alpha House, created by Doonesbury and Tanner '88's Garry Trudeaufollows a group of four senators living in a rented house together in Washington DC, and it's just one of six Amazon comedy pilots in development right now. Goodman will play Gil John Biggs, a senator from North Carolina, who finds his seat in jeopardy when Duke's basketball coach runs against him. The show was inspired by a popular news story from a few years back about Democrats Chuck [...]