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Fox Buys Comedy Pilots from Producers Johnny Depp and Bill Lawrence

Fox has purchased a few more comedy pilots from big name producers. Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who directed the 2012 film version the classic Johnny Depp-starring series 21 Jump Street, have now teamed up with Depp and Blue Mountain State co-creator and star Chris Romano to produce a comedy series called Torched. According to Deadline, it will focus "on a fast-talking, fun-loving dad, who through his very unique — and sometimes law-breaking — job, strives to give his young son the life he never had."

Meanwhile, Scrubs and Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence and fellow Cougar Town producer Blake McCormick have sold the network an hour-long comedy action show called Chasing Skips, according to Deadline. The [...]

Wes Anderson and Johnny Depp to Make a Movie

John "Johnny" Depp is set to star in Wes Anderson's next VERY Wes Andersony named film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Owen Wilson will be back with his old pal for this one and of course Bill Murray is being rumored for a role. Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum(!), Jude Law, Adrien Brody, and Angela Lansbury are also in talks. Actually, Lansbury is the only female being talked about at all for the film, which suggests a variety of plots: 1. She runs the Grand Budapest "Hotel", which is actually a brothel. 2. She is the Grand Budapest Hotel. Sounds crazy but remember she has played a tea pot, so [...]

Johnny Depp To Stop By Ricky Gervais' Dwarf Comedy Life's Too Short

Reportedly Johnny Depp will guest star in Gervais' Life Too Short, which like Extras promises to feature a host of celebrity guest stars. Interestingly, Deadline now describes six episode comedy starring Warwick Davis as revolving around a "conceited and egomaniac dwarf" who lords over his talent agency, while the original press release described Life's Too Short as an observational comedy about a little person and his day-to-day life. Either way, according to IMDB, Davis plays himself.  Having conquered both space and the 'hood in his previous roles, I have no doubt Warwick has the chops to carry off both, or either.

Wes Anderson Shockingly Casts Bill Murray in New Movie 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Ever since they first worked together on Rushmore way back in ‘98, Bill Murray has been a sort of good luck charm for director Wes Anderson, who hasn’t made a movie without Murray since. It’s no surprise that Murray just announced, in a recent Vulture profile, that he’s just been cast in Anderson’s new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, which will be their seventh movie together and will see Murray starring alongside Johnny Depp and Jude Law, two newbies to The World of Wes Anderson. Hot on the heels of Anderson’s last movie, this summer’s critical and commercial hit Moonrise Kingdom, Budapest Hotel is set to start filming [...]

Casey Wilson Rubs Butts with Johnny Depp, Kind of

The best friendable Casey Wilson followed Johnny Depp on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. Besides Depp, Wilson, and her impressively shiny legs, talked about interning for Susan Sarandon. Apparently, in addition to personal assistants, celebrities need interns to sign their headshots for them and use up all their office supplies. Maybe, the best part of the interview is the moment in the video below where Kimmel very confidently tells Wilson that Happy Endings will get picked up for another season. You better be right Jim-Kim, or it will be an unhappy ending for you.

The Lost Roles of 'Back to the Future'

One of the most popular movies ever made and one that seamlessly fused sci-fi and comedy, Back to the Future turned 25 just over two years ago. In honor of the film’s 27-year-and-3-month anniversary, we’re looking at some of the potential casting choices that almost happened back when Back to the Future came out two decades (plus seven years and 3 months) ago. Most movies and TV shows go through an exhaustive casting process before production begins, but Back to the Future is unique in that part of the movie was filmed with different actors in some of the main roles before the filmmakers decided it wasn’t working and [...]

Johnny Depp Definitely Not Still Offended By Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes Jokes

If Johnny Depp and Ricky Gervais were to meet and try to out-passive-aggressive each other, would you enjoy that? Would you maybe, say, revel in it with the giddiness of twenty schoolchildren out on a long weekend? Now is the time to find out! It was foretold, and it is here, Johnny Depp's appearance on Life's Too Short, which premieres November 10.