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Comedy Central's Graveyard of One-Season Sketch Shows

This week on "The Good, The Bad, and the Deeply Strange," my exploration of Comedy Central's short-lived shows, I’m looking at the sketch shows that only lasted one season. In the last installment, I dove into the deep well of reality and mockumentary shows. In the sketch department, there was a huge variance in quality from show to show; the good, the bad, and the strange are each well represented here.

All of the shows with full write-ups below are available on Amazon Instant Video for the curious, and all the shows without write-ups aren’t available anywhere, for better or worse. 

Saddle Up For Jon Benjamin Has A Van

It's going to be hard to watch Comedy Central's Jon Benjamin Has a Van, without imagining it's Sterling Archer traveling across the United States reporting on fake human interest stories. Which he would definitely not do, seeing as how it might involve interacting with ugly, stupid people. Says the his new show's site, "Jon Benjamin takes you for a ride in this new inventive, irreverent and hilarious narrative/fake news magazine comedy show, Jon Benjamin Has a Van. Every week Jon brings you fresh and unique takes on stories from all across America. Each show is a new adventure where Jon unwittingly becomes part of a story he's investigating." [...]

Jon Benjamin Has A Van Premiere Episodes: "Border" and "Little Italy"

I don't know about you, but I was really relieved Jon Benjamin Has A Van wasn't another Daily Show. Not that there would be anything wrong with that, but the show's promos seemed to indicate that it had the makings of yet another faux news show. Sure, the potential is always there for another Colbert Report, but I was really into the looser, sketch-oriented feel of Benjamin's new project: less news-y, more goofy. Unfortunately, it's that same looseness that eventually leads the pilot episodes into trouble, as it seems like Benjamin and his writers are still working out exactly what kind of hybrid his show should be.

Jon Benjamin Has a Van and a Bunch of Other Shows, Too

You know someone’s having a great run when you ask them about their new television show and they don’t know which show you’re talking about.

Writer, performer and producer Jon Benjamin is a long-time fixture on the New York comedy scene, and if you’ve watched an animated sitcom in the last 12 years, chances are you’ve seen his work there as well. He provides the voice of the titular characters in the FX spy spoof, Archer, for which we was nominated for an Emmy, as well as the Fox sitcom, Bob’s Burgers. You’ll also recognize his rasp as the voice of Ben Katz in Dr. Katz and Jason and [...]