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Tig Notaro Learns About Goldilocks for the First Time on 'Conan'

To promote their new Showtime documentary Knock Knock, It's Tig Notaro, Jon Dore and Tig Notaro stopped by Conan last night for a fun storytelling session. Notaro is absolutely captivated by Dore's tale of a little girl named Goldilocks, but she still has plenty of questions about the logic of the story. Watch more from the interview below:

Jon Dore and Rory Scovel Did Another Amazing Bit on 'Conan' Last Night

Comedians Jon Dore and Rory Scovel were responsible for one of the funniest late night appearances in recent memory on Conan last year when they claimed to have been double-booked and then performed two very different stand-up sets right next each other. Last night, they did Conan again, and the results are no less spectacular. You're gonna want to check this out.

Tig Notaro Books Doug Benson, Wyatt Cenac, Herself and More for The Betzen Ball

The Bentzen Ball, the Washington DC comedy festival curated by Tig Notaro, returns again this October 10 through 13 with an awesome looking line-up. Hosted by DC online mag Brightest Young Things, opening night features Doug Benson, Wyatt Cenac, Jon Dore, found footage gurus Everything Is Terrible, and Tig herself, while closing night's show will feature Ira Glass and friends. Tickets to those shows are available now, and more shows will be announced soon.

Tig began curating The Bentzen Ball, named after a Danish doctor who supposedly laughed so hard while watching A Fish Called Wanda that he died, in 2009 after the city's DCcomedyFest died. After her – to put [...]

Cleveland Comedy Troupe Accuses Conan of Ripping Off a Bit He Didn't Write

Comedy plagiarism accusations! They're always so much fun and never make the accuser look like a petty, self-aggrandizing jackass. The latest has sketch troupe Last Call Cleveland accusing Conan O'Brien of ripping off their dueling stand-ups bit a couple of weeks ago when Jon Dore and Rory Scovel performed a very similar act. The problem? Conan had nothing to do with that bit, and it's actually pretty different than Last Call's.

'How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)': It's Nice to Be Nice

How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. eastern on ABC. Check your local cable box to confirm.

I really miss Ben & Kate. It wasn't only because the show had a bit of a weird streak (much longer than expected beats, 80 percent of Lucy Punch's dialogue), but because it was the television equivalent of a spring sun illuminating a room on a Sunday afternoon: the stakes were never high, the danger was never real — brother and sister and their friends and children were always going to be content with what they have rather than dwell on [...]

Jon Dore and Rory Scovel Are Forced to Perform Simultaneous Standup on Conan

Last night on Conan, they claimed to have doublebooked standups Jon Dore and Rory Scovel. Rather than one of them rescheduling, they decided to share the stage. What resulted was something truly amazing, with them performing simultaneously on the same stage. I don't know if this was a planned bit or something they came up with after an actual doublebooking, but I love it so much either way.