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Spike TV to Air a Tribute to Don Rickles, Featuring Letterman, Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, and More

Spike TV announced today that they're making a big star-studded tribute special to Don Rickles that will air on the cable network next month. Called One Night Only: An All-Star Comedy Tribute to Don Rickles, the 90-minute special will be shot at NYC's Apollo Theater on May 6th and air on Spike on Wednesday, May 29th, at 9pm. David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Kimmel, John Stamos, Bob Newhart, Regis Philbin, Ray Romano, and Brad Garrett are all set to perform and pay tribute to Rickles at the event, with not a single female on the bill for some reason. Spike [...]

CBS Offered John Oliver a Late Night Show Before He Went to HBO

It hasn't even been 24 hours since David Letterman announced his retirement from late night, but there's already an interesting update that sheds some light on what direction CBS might want to go with their next Late Show host. As reported by Vulture, Daily Show correspondent and substitute host John Oliver was approached last year by CBS to potentially take over Craig Ferguson's 12:30am time slot or another late night slot altogether, but Oliver ultimately chose to go with HBO to develop his show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. While Oliver's obviously out of the running now, this update suggests that Jon Stewart and Stephen [...]

Why Does Every "Conservative 'Daily Show'" Fail?

Few would disagree that we're in living in a golden age of political comedy — or at least that politics are more important to comedy today than ever before. When historians write about humor in the early twenty-first century, the names of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher will definitely be key players. And just as noteworthy will be the fact that a large majority of this humor has come at the expense of conservatives, and often to the benefit of liberals.

No matter if you’re on the left or right, pretty much everyone agrees that liberals dominate political satire and humorous commentary (at least in popularity), but [...]

Egyptian TV Station Pulls Episode of Bassem Youssef's Satirical Show 'El Bernameg', "The 'Daily Show' of Egypt"

An episode of Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef's political satire show El Bernameg (The Program) was pulled last week because the show apparently violated the policies of the privately owned network, CBC. A few minutes before Friday night's episode was set to air, a broadcaster on the network said the episode wouldn't be airing because Youssef and his producer "insist on continuing to not commit to the editorial policy" of the network.

The show had been on a four-month hiatus over the summer, missing much of the chaos that ensued when the country's Islamist president Mohammed Morsi was toppled in July. Morsi had a been a frequent target of Youssef's attacks, but now [...]

Kristen Schaal Taught Jon Stewart All About Sexy Halloween Costumes

The Daily Show's long absent and much missed Women's Correspondent Kristen Schaal stopped by the show last night to talk about Halloween costumes. And things get pretty sexy.

White House Press Secretary Says Jon Stewart Was Obama's Toughest Interview in 2012

Barack Obama's press secretary Jay Carney told students at Georgetown that Jon Stewart was actually the president's "most substantive, challenging interview" in 2012, instead of, you know, any interviews with real journalists. Here's what Carney said (via The Wrap):

I remember we had some discussion during 2012 about 'Well, is it appropriate for the president, the sitting president and candidate, to give interviews with Jon Stewart and others?' And the answer was yes, again, because young voters we were trying to reach are more likely to watch The Daily Show than some other news shows.

But also, I think if you look back at 2012 and the series [...]

John Oliver Calls Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert the "High-Water Mark for Satire"

"One of the laziest stereotypes that British people have of Americans is that they don’t get irony. And that has never been true and it’s definitely not true now. … It’s very hard to make that case when Jon [Stewart] and Stephen [Colbert] are doing what they’re doing. They’re the high-water mark for satire now."

- John Oliver in a new interview with the Washington Post ahead of the premiere of his HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which airs on HBO on April 27th.

Bill Cosby Chastised Jon Stewart for Swearing In His Standup

Bill Cosby has been working hard to promote his new standup special on the late night circuit, and each appearance is more brilliant than the last. He dropped by The Daily Show last night, and while Jon wouldn't let him wander into the audience again, he managed to get in some nice physical humor with the show's swivel chair, as well as chastise Jon for his sweary language and tell some good stories about Lenny Bruce. Check out the rest of the interview below – it's well worth it.

Jon Stewart Responds to the Media's Coverage of 'The Daily Show' in Song Form

The cable news world tends to see Jon Stewart as the comedic face of the young and liberal, so The Daily Show's recent coverage of the botched launch of the Healthcare.gov website seemed to indicate some major tonal shift in the country. Last night, Jon Stewart responded, with some help from an eerily prescient gospel choir. Below, check out the the last time he used a gospel choir to respond to the media's coverage of his show. 

John Oliver Can Explain Exactly How This Government Shutdown Happened

The Daily Show thrives when there's lunacy in Washington, so Jon Stewart and friends really have their hands full with this current government shutdown. Last night, John Oliver sat down with Jon to explain in precise, depressing detail, quite how this could be allowed to happen, and what ridiculous measures are necessary to fix things.

Jon Stewart Wants Stephen Colbert to Host 'Late Show'

Speculation over who will take over David Letterman's Late Show is now in full force, and Vulture recently got a chance to ask Jon Stewart for his take on the situation. While Stewart doesn't want the hosting gig for himself — he said "I just don't have that gear, I don't think" — he gushed tons of praise for his fellow Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert: "He is a uniquely talented individual. He's wonderful in Colbert Report, but he's got gears he hasn’t even shown people yet. He would be remarkable." Here's the rest of Stewart's take on why Colbert would be perfect for the job:

"He's done [...]

Watch Jon Stewart Take Bill de Blasio to Task Over His Pizza Eating Technique

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio has already gotten himself into a scandal, and considering it's New York pizza-related, Jon Stewart pounced on the chance to school de Blasio about his pathetic fork-and-knife technique. So to review, if you want to make Jon break out his Italian New Yorker accent and explode into multiple fits of rage, eat your pizza incorrectly. That's all it takes.

Looking at the Best Late Night Appearances By Other Late Night Hosts

Before he took over The Tonight Show, Jay Leno was famously one of the best guests on Late Night with David Letterman. Leno intuitively knew what Letterman needed from a guest – he was funny and prolific, making it easy on his host. For that reason, late night hosts make excellent guests, and with so many new shows popping up, there are even more opportunities for late night hosts to mix. Here's a look at some of the best late night appearances by other late night hosts, from David Letterman on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show to a baby Jimmy Fallon dropping by Conan's Late Night

Nick Offerman and Jon Stewart Bonded Over Being Able to Build Stuff

Everyone's favorite canoe-building actor Nick Offerman dropped by The Daily Show last night to discuss his new book, Paddle Your Own Canoe, and so he and Jon could bond over woodworking, commercial auditions, and old-fashioned values.