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Comedy Central Orders New Standup Series 'The Meltdown' with Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani

Comedy Central is adding another standup show to its lineup. The network announced today that it's ordered The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, a new series based on the live Los Angeles standup showcase The Meltdown. Hosted weekly by Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjini and produced by Emily Gordon, The Meltdown has been one of the most popular and best standup shows in town since it started up at the NerdMelt Theater, a venue in the back of a comic book store, in 2011. The pilot was directed by Lance Bangs and the series will be produced by Ben Stiller's company Red Hour. The TV version will feature Ray [...]

Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter Bowl Against the Nerdist Guys

Here's the latest video from the Nerdist YouTube channel's series All Star Celebrity Bowling, with the Nerdist hosts (Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira) taking to the bowling alley to compete against Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter. Comedian Jimmy Pardo, who is both Conan's warm-up guy and the host of a Nerdist web series, chose to bowl on the Nerdist team. Will Pardo's bowling abilities lose him his job at Conan? You'll have to watch and find out.

BBC America Orders Chris Hardwick's 'Nerdist' Show to Series

BBC America has just picked up Chris Hardwick's TV series The Nerdist for a 10-episode season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Hardwick has been hosting a series of hour-long Nerdist specials for BBC America since last year, but now, it'll be a regular weekly show. This comes in addition to his post-Walking Dead talk show Talking Dead on AMC, which was recently expanded from a half-hour to a full hour and will return in February. Based on Hardwick's popular podcast and blog of the same name, The Nerdist will see Hardwick joined by his podcast co-hosts Jonah Ray and Matt Mira for a series of hour-long shows [...]

Jonah Ray Talks about His Kewl Friend T.J. Maxx on 'Conan'

"Hey! Alright now! Alright now, fellas! (Yea? ) Now, what cooler than being cool? (T.J. Maxx!!!!) Also, pool parties are cool. Drinking is cool. Suicide is coo– (Wait no!) Alright alright alright alright…"

– Jonah Ray, 2012

Talking to Jonah Ray About 'The Half Hour', 'Nerdist', and Zombie Jokes

For the past 15 years, Comedy Central’s half hour specials have showcased the future stars of standup. Looking back, the early years of Comedy Central Presents included memorable sets from the likes of Mitch Hedberg, Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Dane Cook and dozens more. Re-branded The Half Hour in 2012, the series continues to feature the best up-and-coming comics in the country.

For many comedians, it’s that history that makes doing a half hour special so significant. While a half hour may once have been a comic’s first major exposure, comedians now have many ways to build an audience. Almost everyone who taped a special this year does non-standup comedy as well, branching [...]

Comedy Central Is Filming a Pilot of Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani's Stand-up Show "The Meltdown"

Comedy Central has ordered a pilot episode for a stand-up series based on Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani's wildly-popular, excellent live show The Meltdown. The Meltdown is a weekly stand-up showcase held at NerdMelt in Los Angeles since 2011, hosted by Ray and Nanjiani and produced by Emily V. Gordon, and it's easily the hottest stand-up show in town right now. The pilot is being directed by Lance Bangs and produced by Ben Stiller's company Red Hour. Head on over to The Meltdown Tumblr for info on how you can attend the taping on February 13th. Basing a stand-up TV show on a popular live stand-up show is [...]

With Comedy Bang Bang Gone, What's L.A.'s Next Big Stand-up Show?

2012 was the end of an era for the Los Angeles comedy scene, as Comedy Bang Bang, the influential weekly stand-up showcase co-created by Scott Aukerman, ended its ten year run earlier this month. Comedy Bang Bang (originally titled Comedy Death-Ray) will live in on in the form of the popular podcast and IFC show of the same name, but the live show's impact upon the L.A. comedy scene (and the comedy world at large) is endless. Comedy Bang Bang first started in 2002 when the term "alternative comedy" actually meant something, years before Zach Galifianakis was a major movie star or Louis C.K. was the country's leading [...]

Talking with Jonah Ray About His New Stand-Up Album, the Nerdist Podcast and His Aversion to Niche Comedy

As co-host of the Nerdist podcast, one of the best and most popular comedy podcasts going, Jonah Ray wields a lot of power in the comedy community, but the show, which he hosts with Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira, is just one of the many projects he currently has his hands in. Ray is also a writer for The Soup, as well as an accomplished standup who hosts the awesome weekly show The Meltdown along with buddy Kumail Nanjiani in the back room of the L.A. comic book store Meltdown Comics.

Jonah Ray’s new album, Hello Mr. Magic Plane Person, Hello, drops today on A Special Thing [...]

Chris Hardwick's 'Nerdist' TV Show Will Feature Stand-Up and Cool Guests

BBC America just announced an impressive guest lineup for The Nerdist, the network's new Chris Hardwick-hosted show based on the popular podcast and blog of the same name. After a series of one-hour specials on BBC America, The Nerdist will kick off its 10-episode first season this Saturday, March 30th, at 10PM, with Hardwick joined by his Nerdist cohorts Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. Guests will include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg, Gillian Jacobs, Dominic Monaghan, Guillermo Del Toro, Robert Kirkman, Buzz Aldrin, and Karen Gillan, but more importantly, the show will feature stand-up, with Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Kyle Kinane, Natasha Leggero, Ron Funches and Matt Kirshen set [...]

Jonah Ray, Gabe Liedman, Nikki Glaser, and More to Film Comedy Central Half-Hour Specials

Comedy Central has long been the best showcase of stand-up on TV, and every year, the network releases a series of half-hour specials from talented folks. The Comedy Bureau has obtained a list of comedians set to record specials this year, and it's an especially strong group. The half-hour specials will be release as part of Comedy Central's show The Half-Hour, which is the successor to its old show Comedy Central Presents, and the batch of episodes should drop sometime this summer. The list lists Jonah Ray, Sean O'Connor, Dan St. Germain, Mike Lawrence, Dan Soder, Nikki Glaser, Jared Logan, Gabe Liedman, Baron Vaughn, Ben Kronberg, and Sean Patton as all having new specials on the docket. It's a [...]

Paul F. Tompkins, Jonah Ray, Kurt Braunohler, and More Talk How They Spent Election Night

As if you're not already sick of hearing about the election, a bunch of great comedians called into Southern California radio station KCRW to share their election night plans. Here's a three-minute audio clip of comments from the comedians who called in: Jonah Ray, Cameron Esposito, Paul F. Tompkins, Jackie Kashian, Moshe Kasher, Kristina Wong, Tom Sibley, Will Weldon, Dana Gould, and Kurt Braunohler. I swear this is the last election post I'll write unless Louis C.K. or Dan Harmon punches Mitt Romney in the face or something.

Comedy Central Doesn't Present: Jonah's Arcade

I'd rather drink razor bleach (see also: bleach with razors in it) than know a single fact about current video games or video game culture, but I still laughed out loud at Jonah's Arcade. I do, however, have a real soft-spot for Columbine jokes. While apparently Nerdist's Jonah Ray's pilot got a pass from Comedy Central back in February, last week he opted to post it to Tumblr for all to enjoy. I'm sure I'd watch this at night after caffeine and anxiety have destroyed my sleep cycle, but this probably just seemed a little too Tosh-like, right? Heavily Tosh-esque?